Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Black Cat Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Fairless, Michael. An Excerpt from the Roadmender. Black Cat (1933).

McMurtrie, Douglas C. Two Georgia Printed Acts of 1757 and 1763. Black Cat (1933).

Wirtz, Robert. Broken Chords. Black Cat (1934). Excerpts from a Practice Book

Fisher, A Hugh. Callisto. Black Cat (1934).

Hartman, Frank E. Sunlight and Shadow. Black Cat (1934). Decorations by Sylvia Levine

Le Gallienne, Richard. Anarchy in a Library. Black Cat (1935). A Fable for Socialists

Haas, Irvin. Bibliography of Modern American Presses. Black Cat (1935).

McMurtrie, Douglas C. General Epistle from the Council of the Twelve Apostles, to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Abroad. Black Cat (1935). Dispersed Throughout the Earth

Fisher, A Hugh. Jemshid in Exile. Black Cat (1935).

McMurtrie, Douglas C. Letters of Peter Timothy Printer of Charleston, South Carolina, to Benjamin Franklin. Black Cat (1935).

McMurtrie, Douglas C. The Beginnings of the American Newspaper. Black Cat (1935).

Twain, Mark. 1601 or Conversation in the Time of the Tudors. Black Cat (1936).

McMurtrie, Douglas C. Lincoln Group Papers. Black Cat (1936). Ten Addresses Delivered Before the Lincoln Group in Chicago, 1934-1935, on Varied Aspects of Abraham Lincoln's Life and Interests

Gernon, Blaine Brooks. Lincoln in the Political Circus. Black Cat (1936).

Mallock, W H. Lucretius on Life and Death. Black Cat (1936).

Haas, Irwin. A Bibliography of Material Relating to Private Presses. Black Cat (1937).

J B H Jr.,. A Christmas Story. Black Cat (1937).

Klinefelter, Walter. Books About Poictesme. Black Cat (1937). An Essay in Imaginative Bibliography

Middleton, R Hunter. Chicago Letter Founding. Black Cat (1937).

Ingersoll, Chester. Overland to California in 1847. Black Cat (1937). Letters Written En Route to California, West From Independence, Missouri to the Editor of the Joliet Signal

Foreman, Grant. The Adventures of James Collier. Black Cat (1937). First Collector of the Port of San Francisco

McMurtrie, Douglas C. The Beginnings of Printing in Arizona. Black Cat (1937). With an Account of the Early Newspapers and a Bibliography of Books, Pamphlets, and Broadsides Printed in Arizonsa, 1860-1875

,. Who Are The Twelve Greatest American Women?. Black Cat (1937).

Nichols, Dale. A Philosophy of Esthetics. Black Cat (1938).

Klinefelter, Walter. Ex Libris A Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes. Black Cat (1938).

Averill, John. Judge Not a Book by Its Cover. Black Cat (1938). A Few Proverbs Illustrated in the Spirit of Fun

Middleton, R Hunter. Making Printers Typefaces. Black Cat (1938).

Starrett, Vincent. Persons from Porlock and Other Interruptions. Black Cat (1938).

Klinefelter, Walter. Sherlock Holmes. Black Cat (1938).

Nichols, Dale. The Philosophy of Esthetics. Black Cat (1938).

Larson, Fred T. Wood Engravings. Black Cat (1938). 9 full page wood block engravings by Larson

Starrett, Vincent. An Essay on Limited Editions. Black Cat (1939).

Orton, Vrest. Goudy Master of Letters. Black Cat (1939).

,. One Hundred Proverbs Adapted From the Japanese. Black Cat (1960).

Sandburg, Carl. Address Upon the Occasion of Abraham Lincoln's One Hundreth Inaugural Anniversary. Black Cat (1961).

Davis, Frank Marshall. Black Man's Verse. Black Cat (1961).

Allen, Albert Henry. The Homecoming of the Lost Book. Black Cat (1961).

,. The Song of Songs, Which Is Solomon's. Black Cat (1961).

,. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. Black Cat (1962).

Whitman, Walt. Death of Lincoln. Black Cat (1962).

Forgue, Norman W. A Christmas Parable. Black Cat (1964).

Maugham, W. Somerset. My South Sea Island. Black Cat (1964).

White, Robert W. A History of the Cadiz Short Line Railway. Black Cat (1966).

,. Where Our Christmas Customs Come From. Black Cat (1966).

Lincoln, Abraham. Maxims, Observations and Comments. Black Cat (1967). Of Abraham Lincoln, Chronologically Arranged

Taft, Charles Sabin. Abraham Lincoln's Last Hours. Black Cat (1968).

,. Testaments of Faith Issued in the Bi-Centennial Year, 1776-1976.. Black Cat (1976).

,. He Is Nothing But a Little Boy. Black Cat (1980).

Levitan, Kalman L. Miniature Books Relating to Postage Stamps. Black Cat (1983).

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano. F.D.R. Gettysburg Speech. Black Cat (). Delivered May 30, 1934 at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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