Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Big Mountain Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Greenawalt, William E. Democracy's Unsolved Problems. Big Mountain (1952). A Basically New, Simple, and Practical Interpretation of Americanism, Capitalism, and Democracy

Brennan, Joseph. The Humming Stair. Big Mountain (1953).

Rockwell, Wilson. Sunset Slope. Big Mountain (1956). True Epics of Western Colorado

Hamilton, Horace Ernst. China Two Generations Ago. Big Mountain (1957).

Towne, Mary E. Colorado Calls. Big Mountain (1958).

Spell, Leslie. Forgotten Men of Cripple Creek. Big Mountain (1959).

King, Otis. Gray Gold. Big Mountain (1959).

Haley, Albert. First Poems. Big Mountain (1960).

Spivak, Jennie C. Lays. Big Mountain (1961).

Brownell, Sam. Rodeos and Tipperary. Big Mountain (1961). Including the Life of Sam Brownell

Moore, Austin L. Souls and Saddlebags. Big Mountain (1962). The Diaries and Correspondence of Frank L. Moore Western Missionary 1888-1896

,. Tales of the Seeds-Ke-Dee. Big Mountain (1963). Sublette Country Artist's Guild

Breck, Allen Du Pont. The Episcopal Church in Colorado. Big Mountain (1963). 1860-1963

Harrison, Louis C. Empire and the Berthoud Pass. Big Mountain (1964).

Wright, Arthur. The Civil War in the Southwest. Big Mountain (1964).

Wright, Carolyn. Tiny Hinsdale of the Silvery San Juan. Big Mountain (1964).

Law, Reed G. From Reason to Romanticism. Big Mountain (1965).

Read, Effie. White Pine Lang Syne. Big Mountain (1965). A True History of White Pine County, Nevada

La Font, Don. Rugged Life in the Rockies. Big Mountain (1966).

,. The Big Bend. Big Mountain (1981).

LaBlanc, Tom. Go Beyond. Big Mountain (1992).

Salter, Fred. The Maverick Tumbleweed. Big Mountain (1998).

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