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Beaumont Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

A Private Affair: The Bayan Press

The Bayan Small Press has been called one of the purest forms of the small press fine art, with its creator Claude Frederick's personally in charge of book design, hand printing and even occasional illustration. The Banyan Small Press was a hand printed press, reproducing private works of poetry and reprints of the modern-day classics such as Gertrude Stein and James Merill on their tiny 10 by 14 inch Golding Press.

What is remarkable about the Banyan Press is the nature of its independence, with typesetting performed by Claude Frederick himself or by his then-partner Milton Saul. They are true examples of the private home-press initiative, which proves that the spirit of the small press has never really changed ever since its Renaissance inception.

The Banyan Press, although praised stylistically, has remained a labor of love for collectors rather than for great commercial value, with its collectability relying upon the character of Claude Fredericks and his unique place in the early modern literary scene. As a teacher, this somewhat reclusive man tutored no less than Donna Tart (who dedicated her second book, the Goldfinch to him), Brett Easton Ellis, Alec Wilkinson, Peter Golub and Kathleen Norris.

For the collectors eyes, almost any edition that you find of the Banyan Press is going to be so limited as to become special in some way, especially if you are a collector of the modern literary scene (from 1920's onwards). Due to the scarcity of attention paid to Claude Fredericks and his gifts to literature, we are currently at risk of losing much of this heritage, and so collecting widely as well as deeply is encouraged.

De La Mare, Walter. The Sunken Garden And Other Poems.. Beaumont (1917). 250 copies signed by Walter de la Mare; decorative borads by Sangorski and Sutcliffe

Beaumont, C. W. Carnaval. Beaumont (1918). Decorated by A.P. Allinson, hand-colored in pochoir process, after designs for costume and scenery by Leon Bakst. An introduction to the ballet for children; 150 copies.

Beaumont, D.W. New Paths. Beaumont (1918). Verse, Prose, Pictures, 1917-1918; Other contributors include De La Mare, Aldington, J.G. Fletcher, D.H. Lawrence, Aldous Huxley, The Sitwells, Augustus John, Walter Sockert, Gaudier Brzeska and others; illustrations by Anne Estelle Rice

Davies, W. H. Raptures. Beaumont (1918). A Book Of Poems; 272 numbered copies; Typography and binding arranged by Cyril William

Lawrence, D. H. Bay.. Beaumont (1919). A Book Of Poems; illustrations by Anne Estelle Rice; 30 numbered copies printed on Japanese vellum and signed by Lawrence and the artist Rice; Total 200 copies

Edgard, Tijtgat. Carrousels Et Baraques. Beaumont (1919). Contes. Graves Par Edgard Tijtgat; 150 signed copies

Beaumont, Cyril W. Childrens Tales. Beaumont (1919). Impressions Of The Russian Ballet; 150 copies

Read, Herbert. Eclogues. Beaumont (1919). Cover And Illustrations By Ethelbert White; A Book Of Poems; 200 copies, 50 on cartridge paper with hand colored plates.

Conrad, Joseph. One Day More. Beaumont (1919). A Play In One Act; 24 numbered copies on Japanese vellum signed by Conrad; 250 copies

Beaumont, Cyril W. Petrouchka. Beaumont (1919). Impressions Of The Russian Ballet; 150 copies

Nichols, Robert. The Smile Of The Sphinx. Beaumont (1920). Malise Bowyer; illustrations by Ethelbert White; 295 copies; 35 copies printed on Japanese vellum signed by Nichols and artist Ethelbert White.

Wilde, Oscar. After Reading. Beaumont (1921). Letters Of Oscar Wilde To Robert Ross; illustrations by Ethelbert White; 75 numbered copies on Japanese vellum signed by the artist White and the publisher Cyril W.

De La Mare, Walter. Crossings. Beaumont (1921). A Fairy Play; 330 numbered copies; cover design by Randolph Schwabe; 4 musical examples by C. Armstrong Gibbs

Beaumont, Cyril. A Manual Of The Theory And Practice Of Classical Theatrical Dancing. Beaumont (1922). Stanislas Idzikowski; Methode Cecchetti

Wilde, Oscar. After Berneval. Beaumont (1922). Letters Of Oscar Wilde To Robert Ross; illustrated by Randolph Schwabe; 400 numbered copies; 75 numbered copies on Japanese vellum signed by the artist and the publisher, Cyril W.

Svetlov, Valerien. Thamar Karsavina. Beaumont (1922). Translated From The Russian By H. De Vere Beauclerk and Nadia Evrenov; Edited By Cyril W.

Goldoni, Carlo. The Good-Humoured Lady. Beaumont (1922). A Comedy. Translated From The Italian By Richard Aldington. To Which Is Prefixd An Essay On Carlo Goldoni By Arthur Symons.; 75 copies printed on Japanese Vellum, signed by the publisher, artist and translator; 475 copies

Symons, Arthur. The Cafe Royal And Other Essays.. Beaumont (1923). 390 copies; Illustrated with title-page and 13 other decorations by Randolph Schwabe; 80 numbered copies on Japanese vellum

Blunden, Edmund. To Nature. Beaumont (1923). New Poems; initials and cover designed by Randolph Schwabe; 390 copies; 80 on Japanese vellum signed by the author; Typography and binding arranged by Cyril William

Clare, John. Madrigals And Chronicles. Beaumont (1924). Seven page preface and a four page commentary by Edmund Blunden; Being Newly Found Poems Written By John Clare; 398 copies.

Blunden, Edmund. Masks Of Time. Beaumont (1925). A New Collection Of Poems Principally Meditative; 390 copies; 80 copies were signed by the author, artist and publisher; Cover-design, title-page decoration (in 2 colours), two decorative half-titles and 35 initial letters by Randolph Schwabe; A collection of 35 poems dealing with peace and war.

Blunden, Edmund. Shelley And Keats. Beaumont (1925). As They Struck Their Contemporaries; Notes Partly From Manuscript Sources; Edited By Edmund Blunde; 80 numbered copies on parchment vellum signed by Blunden, Payne and

Symons, Arthur. Parisian Nights. Beaumont (1926). A Book Of Essays; Coloured title-vignette by Wyndham Payne; 390 numbered copies

Lloyd, Robert. The Actor. Beaumont (1926). A Poem. To Which Is Prefixd An Essay By Edmund Blunden; The Whole Embellishd With Theatrical Figures By Randolph Schwabe; Cover, title-page and decorations throught by Randolph Schwabe; 270 copies printed; 60 copies printed on Japon vellum, signed by Edmund Blunden, Randolph Schwabe and C.W.

Idzikowski, Stanislas. The Art Of Stanislas Idzikowski.. Beaumont (1926). Cyril W

Beaumont, Cyril W. Sitwell. The History Of Harlequin.. Beaumont (1926). Preface By Sacheverell Sitwell; 325 copies; Cover design and decorations by Claudia Guercio.

Flecker, J E. The Letters To Frank Savery. Beaumont (1926). Illustration by Randolph Schwabe; Quarter vellum and pictorial boards illustrated by B. Claudia Guercio; 390 copies; 80 numbered copies on parchment vellum

Beaumont, Cyril. The Strange Adventures Of A Toy Soldier. Beaumont (1926). A Fairy Tale; 110 numbered copies on Nippon vellum signed by both author and illustrator

Payne, Wyndham. Town And Country. Beaumont (1926). A Collection Of Designs And Decorations; A Preface By Cyril

Hartmann, Sadakichi. Passport To Immortality. Beaumont (1927).

Beaumont, Cyril W. The First Score. Beaumont (1927). An Account Of The Foundation And Development Of The

Williamson, Henry. The Wet Flanders Plain.. Beaumont (1929). Title-page illustration by Randolph Schwabe; 80 numbered copies printed on hand-made parchment vellum and signed by Williamson, the artist, Randolph Schwabe and the publisher, Cyril W.

Payne, Wyndham. Town and Country. Beaumont (1929). A Collection Of Designs And Decorations; 250 numbered copies; 60 copies bound in vellum and signed by Payne and

Williamson, Henry. Wet Flanders Plain. Beaumont (1929). 400 dopies; Cover and title page designed by Randolph Schwabe.

Blunden, Edmund. A Summers Fancy.. Beaumont (1930). With Decorations By Randolph Schwabe; total edition of 405 copies.

Levinson, Andre. Marie Taglioni. Beaumont (1930). Translated By Cyril W.

Stratton, Florence. The White Plume. Beaumont (1931). Vincent Burke; Or O. Henrys Own Short Story

Blunden, Edmund. To Themis. Beaumont (1931). Poems On Famous Trials, With Other Pieces; The Cover, Frontispiece, And Title-Page Designed By Randolph Schwabe; 405 numbered copies;

Beaumont, Cyril. The Sadlers Wells Ballet. Beaumont (1946).

Beaumont, Cyril. Dancers Under My Lens. Beaumont (1949). Essays In Ballet Criticism

Craske, Margaret. The Theory And Practice Of Advanced Allegro In Classical Ballet (Cecchetti Method). Beaumont (1956).

Craske, Margaret. The Theory And Practice Of Advanced Allegro In Classical Ballet. Beaumont (1956). Derra De Moroda, Cyril

Niles, Doris. A Bibliography. Beaumont (1966). Edited By Cyril

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