Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Baseball Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

The American Boy's Book of Sports and Games. Dick and Fitzgerald Publishers: New York (1864). Full title-The American Boy's Book of Sports and Games: A Repository of In-and Out-Door Amusements for Boys and Youth

Beach, Alfred. Uncle Nat. D. Appleton and Company: New York (1865). Full title-Uncle Nat; or, The Good Time Which George and Frank Had, Trapping, Fishing, Camping Out, etc.

The Play Ground. Dick and Fitzgerald: New York (1866). Full title-The Play Ground; or, Out-Door Games for Boys. A Book of Healthy Recreations for Youth. Containing Upwards of A Hundred Amusements. and Full instructions in Archery, Cricket, Croquet and Base Ball

Smith, L. Caroline. Popular Pastimes For Field and Fireside or Amusments for Young and Old. Milton Bradley and Co.: Springfield, Mass (1867).

Everett, William. Changing Base; or What Edward Rice Learnt at School. Lee and Shepard: Boston (1869).

Brooks, Noah. The Fairport Nine. Charles Scribner's Sons: New York (1880).

Brooks, Noah. Our Base Ball Club and How it Won the Championship. E. P. Dutton and Co.: New York (1884). Introduction by A.G. Spalding

The New York Clipper Annual For 1885. Frank Queen Publishing Co. (1885).

Ward, John Montgomery. Base-Ball. The Athletic Publishing Company No.: Philadelphia, PA (1888). Full title-Base-Ball: How to Become a Player; With the Origin, History, and Expansion of the Game

Palmer, Harry Clay. Athletic Sports in America, England and Australia. Hubbard Brothers Publishers: Philadelphia, PA (1889). Other authors-J.A. Fynes, Frank Richter, W.I. Harris; Full title-Athletic Sports in America, England and Australia Comprising History, Characteristics, Sketches of Famous Leaders, Organization and Great Contests of Baseball, Cricket, Football, La Crosse, Tennis, Rowing and Cycling

Munsey, Frank A. Under Fire; or, Fred Worthington's Campaign. Frank A. Munsey and Co.: New York (1890).

Tuohey, George V. A History Of The Boston Base Ball Club. M.F. Quinn: Boston (1897). Full title- A History of the Boston Base Ball Club: Being a Public Testimonial to the Players of the 1897 Team in Recognition of the Magnificent Work of the Past Season

Anson, Adrian C. A Ball-Players Career. Era Publishing: Chicago (1900). Full title-A Ball-Players Career: Being the Personal Experiences and Reminiscences of Adrian C. Anson, Late Captain of the Chicago Baseball Club

The New York Clipper Annual For 1901. Frank Queen Publishing Co. (1901).

Ellard, Harry. Base Ball In Cincinnati. Privately Printed: Cincinnati (1907). 500 copies

Spink, Alfred Henry. The National Game. National Game Publishing Co.: St. Louis, MO (1910).

Chance, Frank L. The Bride and The Pennant. Laird and Lee: Chicago (1910). Possibly ghostwritten by Hugh Fullerton; Preface by Charles A. Comisky

Evers, Johnny J. Touching Second: The Science Of Baseball. Reilly and Britton: Chicago (1910). Other author-Hugh Fullerton

Regan, Jack. Around the World with the Base Ball Bugs: On the Road with the Base Ball Bugs. J. Regan and Co.: Chicago (1910). Other author-Will E. Stahl

Patten, William. The Book of Baseball. P. F. Collier and Son: New York (1911). Other author-J. Walker McSpadden; Illustrated by Charles Dana Gibson

Spalding, A.G. America's National Game. American Sports Publishing Company: New York (1911).

Ashenback, Edward Michael. Humor Among the Minors: True Tales from the Baseball Brush. M. A. Donohue: Chicago (1911). Edited by Jack Ryder; Illustrated by Claude Shafer

Cooke, Edmund Vance. Baseballogy. Forbes and Company: Chicago (1912).

Thayer, Phineas. Casey at the Bat. A.C. McClurg and Co.: Chicago (1912). Illustrated by Dan Sayre Groesbeck

Mathewson, Christy. Pitching in a Pinch or Baseball from the Inside. Putnam's: New York (1912).

Richter, Francis C. Richter's History and Records of Base Ball: The American Nation's Chief Sport. Francis C. Richter: Philadelphia, PA (1914).

Lardner, Ring W. You Know Me Al. George H. Doran: New York (1916).

Axelson G.W. Commy. Reilly and Lee: Chicago (1919).

Broun, Heywood. The Sun Field. G. P. Putnam's Sons: New York (1923).

McGraw, John J. My Thirty years in Baseball. Boni and Liveright: New York (1923).

Draper-Maynard Co. The Lucky Dog Kind. Draper-Maynard Co.: Plymouth, NH (1923).

Booss, F.C. College Yearbook: The 1924 Columbian. Senior Class Columbia College: New York (1924).

Clarke, W. J. Baseball, Individual Play and Team Play in Detail. Charles Scribner's Sons: New York (1924). Other author-Fredrick T. Dawson

Ruth, Babe. Babe Ruth's Own Book of Baseball. G. P. Putnam's Sons: New York (1928). Signed Limited Edition; 1000 copies

O'Connor, Leslie M. Professional Baseball in America. Baseball: Chicago (1928). Full title-Professional Baseball in America: The Official Playing Rules, and the Agreements and Rules defining the relations of Leagues, Clubs and Players

Berndt, Walter. Smitty at the ball game. Cupples and Leon Co: New York (1929).

Ruth, Babe. How To Play Baseball. Cosmopolitan Book Corporation: New York (1931).

Johnson, Harold. Who's Who in Major League Baseball. Buxton Publishing: Chicago (1933). Introduction by Henry P. Edwards

O'Connor, Leslie M. Professional Baseball in America. Baseball: Chicago (1934).

Johnson, Steamboat. Standing the Gaff. Parthenon Press: Nashville (1935).

Graham, Frank. The Brooklyn Dodgers: An Informal History. G. P. Putnam's Sons: New York (1945).

Allen, Lee. The Cincinnati Reds: An Informal History. G.P. Putnam, New York (1948). Signed Limited Edition

Ruth, Babe. The Babe Ruth Story. E.P. Dutton: New York (1948).

DiMaggio, Joe. Baseball For Everyone. Whittlesey House: New York (1948).

Durant, John. The Yankees: A Pictorial History of Baseball's Greatest Club. Hastings House: New York (1949). Signed Edition

Ruggles, William B. The History of the Texas League of Professional Baseball Clubs 1888-1951. The Texas Baseball League (1951). 2nd Edition

Malamud, Bernard. The Natural. Harcourt, Brace and Company: New York (1952). Signed Edition

Epstein, Ben. Mickey Mantle Story. Holt (1953).

Wallop, Douglas. The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant. W. W. Norton and Co.: New York (1954). Signed Edition; Illustrated by Willard Mullin

Asinof, Eliot. Man on Spikes. McGraw-Hill, New York (1955).

Brooks, Walter R. Freddy and the Baseball Team from Mars. Alfred A. Knopf: New York (1955). Illustrated by Kurt Wiese

Harris, Mark. Bang The Drum Slowly. Alfred A. Knopf: New York (1956).

Shapiro, Milton. Whitey Ford Story. Messner: New York (1958).

Malamud, Bernard. The Natural. Eyre and Spottiswoode: London (1963). First U.K. Edition

Coover, Robert. The Universal Baseball Association, Inc. J. Henry Waugh, Prop. Random House: New York (1968).

Povich, Shirley. All These Mornings. Prentice Hall: Englewood Cliffs, NJ (1969). Signed Edition

Libby, Bill. Pete Rose They Call Him Charlie Hustle. Putnam: New York (1972). Signed Edition

Froman, Robert. Rubber Bands, Baseballs and Doughnuts; A Book About Topology. Harpercollins (1972). Illustrated by Harvey Weiss

Boyd, Brendan C. The Great American Baseball Card Flipping, Trading and Bubble Gum Book. Little Brown and Co. (1973). Other author-Fred C. Harris

Clark, Ellery H. Boston Red Sox: 75th Anniversary History 1901-1975. Exposition Press: Hicksville, NY (1975). Signed Edition

Mandel, Mike. Baseball-Photographer Trading Cards, Complete Set of 135 Cards. Mike Mandel (Self-published): Santa Cruz, CA (1975).

Manley, Effa. Negro Baseball: Before Integration. Adams Press: Chicago (1976). Other author- Leon Herbert Hardwick

Hubbard, Mary Bell. Strike 3! And You're Out! - The Cal Hubbard Story. Mary Bell Hubbard (1976). Signed by Cal Hubbard

Angell, Roger. Five Seasons: A Baseball Companion. Simon and Schuster: New York (1977).

Kinsella, W. P. Shoeless Joe. Houghton Mifflin: Boston, MA (1982). Signed Edition

Cheever, John. The National Pastime. Sylvester and Orphanos: Los Angeles (1982). Signed Limited Edition; 330 copies

Murphy, James M. The Gabby Hartnett Story From a Mill Town to Cooperstown. Exposition Press: Smithtown, NY (1983). Signed Edition

W. P. Kinsella. The Thrill of the Grass. William Hoffer: Vancouver (1984). Limited Edition; 26 copies lettered copies; 300 numbered copies

Gluck, Herb. The Mick. Doubleday and Company, Inc.: Garden City (1985). Signed Limited Edition; 536 copies

Kinsella, W. P. Chapter One of a Work in Progress. William Hoffer: Vancouver (1988). Signed Limited Edition; 26 copies lettered copies; 300 numbered copies

DiMaggio, Joe. The DiMaggio Album. G.P. Putnam: New York (1989). 2 volumes; Signed Limited Edition; 700 copies; Compiled and Edited by Richard Whittingham

Holway, John B. Black Diamonds Life in the Negro Leagues from the Men Who Lived it. Meckler Books: Westport, CT (1989). Signed Edition

Aaron, Hank. I Had a Hammer: The Hank Aaron Story. HarperCollins: New York (1991). Signed Edition; Other author- Lonnie Wheeler

Mantle, Mickey. My Favorite Summer 1956. Doubleday: New York (1991). Signed Edition; Other author- Phil Pepe

Kinsella, W. P. The First and Last Annual Six Towns Area Old Timers' Baseball Game. Coffee House Press: Minneapolis, MN (1991). 150 copies; Illustrated by Gaylord Schanilec

Shannon, Mike. Baseball : The writers' Game. Diamond Communications: South Bend, IN (1992).

Ward, Geoffrey C. Baseball: An Illustrated History. Alfred a Knopf Inc: Westminister, MD (1994). Other author-Ken Burns

Mantle, Mickey. All My Octobers: My Memories of 12 World Series When the Yankees Ruled Baseball. Harper Collins: New York (1994). Signed Edition; Other author-Mickey Herskowitz

Harris, Mark. Bang the Drum Slowly. Easton Press (1996).

Celebrity Golfer 2000 - The Official Guide of Celebrity Players Tour. Corporate Sports Marketing Group, Inc.: Clearwater, FL (2000).

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