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Ashantilly Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Haynes, Bill. The Gothic or Mixed Technique of Painting. Ashantilly (1949).

,. A Pair of Odes. Ashantilly (1960). Commemorating The Departure Of The Royal Governor Of The Colony Of Georgia For England

Lawrence, Alexander. Johnny Leber and the Confederate Major. Ashantilly (1962). A Tale of the Last Months of the Confederacy. Illustrated by William G. Haynes.

Haynes, Draughton Stith. The Field Diary Of A Confederate Soldier While Serving With The Army Of Northern Virginia C.S.A.. Ashantilly (1963). Woodcuts by William G. Haynes, Jr.

McGarvey, Margaret. D Dawn. Ashantilly (1964).

Franklin, Benjamin. Some Notes and Reflections upon a Letter from Benjamin Franklin to Noble Wimberly Jones, October 7, 1772. Ashantilly (1966). Malcolm Bell III

Spalding, Phinizy. Merit and Reward of a Good Intention. Ashantilly (1968). A Sermon Preached before the Trustees of the Colony of Goergia on March 18, 1742. by William Best, Minister of the United Parishes of St. Larence Jewry and St. Mary Magdalene, Milk Street, London.

Best, William. The Merit and Reward of a Good Intention. Ashantilly (1968). A sermon preached before the Trustees of the Colony of Georgia on March 18, 1742

Fleming, Berry. The Acrobats. Ashantilly (1969). A Comedy in Two Acts

Reti, Jean. To Dwell in Sound. Ashantilly (1972).

Cashin, Edward J. Jr. and Heard Robertson. Augusta and the American Revolution. Ashantilly (1975). Events in the Georgia Back Country 1773-1783

Barrow, Elfrida DeRenne. In the Calendar's Shadow. Ashantilly (1976).

Campbell, Archibald. Journal of an Expedition Against the Rebels of Georgia. Ashantilly (1981). In North America under the orders of Archibald Campbell, Esquire, Lieut. Colol. of His Majesty's 71st Regiment, 1778

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