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Arizona Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Collecting any books about state of Arizona could also be said to be collecting books on the history of America in miniature, and has become almost synonymous with collecting on the topic of the Wild, frontier West. Perhaps we can well understand why, when we remember how Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon as well as the Colorado River as well as such national treasures as Cathedral Rock, Monument Valley, and more.

One of the most intriguing and charming little books that I have heard about in relation to Arizona would be a volume dating back to 1857, almost half a century before Arizona was inducted into the Union and was simply regarded as 'the Arizona Territories'. This volume, Travels on the Western Slope of the Mexican Cordillera in the Form of Fifty-One Letters published by Whitton, Towne of San Francisco is intriguing not only because of its stylistic content (fifty one letters), as well as its subject (he mining, ranching, and prospecting life of Arizona before statehood), but also for its mysteries. The author chose to use a nom-de-plume (changing his name from Marvin Wheat to Cincinnatus), as well as the only copy I have heard about bearing the strange inscription: "Sergeant A. Walls Book, Confiscated at Oakland, Mississippi, December 3rd 1862, By Adam Wall of Co. B. 28th Regt Iowa Volunteer Volunteer Infantry". What is very pleasing to the collector, is that a first edition of Travels on the Western Slope would only cost as little as three hundred US dollars!

Another wonderful entry into the past of the state would be On the Trail of a Spanish Pioneer. The Diary and Itinerary of Francisco, published in 1900 by Francis P. Parker, New York. This very attractive two volume set tells the story of the Missionary Priest, Francisco Garces across the territories, and the volumes have very finely illustrated and attractive pull-out maps, as well as very finely tooled blue-cloth hardbound covers. If found in good or near fine condition (and complete with both volumes) then they would be a bargain at under five hundred US dollars!

One of the joys of collecting from the turn of the last century is always the very fine elegance of their first edition books. Consider for this The Marvelous Country: Or, Three Years in Arizona and New Mexico, the Apaches' Home by Samuel Woodworth Cozzens. First published in 1873 by Shepherd and Gill, Boston, a first edition can be found bound in a very attractive green cloth with gilt decoration, and would be a wonderful addition to any collection.

Wheat, Marvin T. Travels On The Western Slope Of The Mexican Cordillera. Whitton, Towne and Co., San Francisco (1857). In The Form Of Fifty-one Letters; Written under the pseudonym Cincinnatus

Mowry, Sylvester. Arizona and Sonora. Harper and Brothers, New York (1864). The Geography, History and Resources of the Silver Region of North America; Includes a frontispiece illustration showingHacienda of the Mowry Silver Mines.

Browne, J. Ross. Adventure in Apache Country. Harper and Brothers, New York (1869). A Tour Through Arizona and Sonora, With Notes on the Silver Regions of Nevada

Wheeler, George Montague; Humphreys, Brig. Gen. A.A. Preliminary Report Concerning Explorations and Surveys in Nevada and Arizona. Government Printing Office, Washington (1872). Includes a large folding map in the rear.

Cozzens, Samuel Woodworth. The Marvellous Country. Shepard and Gill, Boston (1873). or, Three Years in Arizona and New Mexico, the Apaches' Home Comprising a Description of this Wonderful Country, Its Immense Mineral Wealth, Its Magnificent Mountain Scenery, the Ruins of Ancient Towns and Cities Found Therein, with a Complete History of the Apache Tribe, and a Description of the Author's Guide, Cochise, the Great Apache War Chief

Macomb, Captain John Navarre; Newberry, Prof. John Strong. Report of the Exploring Expedition from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to the Junction of the Grand and Green Rivers of the Great Colorado of the West, in 1859.. Government Printing Office, Washington (1876). Under the command of Captain J. N. Macomb, Corps of Topographical Engineers. With Geological Report by prof. J. S. Newberry, Geologist of the Expedition; Includes Large folding lithographic map ofExplorations and Surveys in New Mexico and Utah. 1860, 11 fine chromolithographic and 11 lithographic plates.

Poston, Charles D. Apache-Land. A.L. Bancroft and Company, San Francisco (1878). Illustrated with 12 lithographic views by Britton and Rey of San Francisco.

Hinton, Richard J. The Hand-Book to Arizona. Payot, Upham and Co., San Francisco (1878). Its Resources, History, Towns, Mines, Ruins and Scenery; Includes 21 lithographic view plates, 4 maps (2 folding).

Conklin, E. Picturesque Arizona. Mining Record Printing Establishment, New York (1878). Being The Result of Travels and Observations in Arizona During the Fall and Winter of 1877; Illustrated with numerous full page engravings of scenes and natives by the Continent Stereoscopic Company.

Hamilton, Patrick. The Resource of Arizona. A.L. Bancroft and Company, San Francisco (1884). Its Mineral, Farming, Grazing and Timber Lands; Its History, Climate, Productions, Civil and Military Government, Pre–Historic Ruins, Early Missionaries, Indian Tribes, Pioneer Days, Etc.;Includes 19 plates plus folding illustration of Jerome, Arizona and the United Verde Copper Company.

Bourke, John G. On The Border With Crook. Charles Scribner's Sons, New York (1891). Includes a frontispiece.

Garces, Franscisco. On the Trail of a Spanish Pioneer. Francis P. Harper, New York (1900). The Diary and Itinerary of Francisco Garces in His Travels Through Sonora, Arizona and California. 2 volumes, 18 maps, views and facsimilies (folding frontis map); Limited edition of 950 copies. Translated by Elliott Coues

Dellenbaugh, Frederick S. Portrait and Biographical Record of Arizona. Chapman Publishing Co., Chicago (1901). Includes 2maps; 32 stereo views on original printed mounts including that of Underwood and Underwood and 5 Grand Canyon stereo views by H.C. White.

Lumholtz, Carl. New Trails in Mexico. Charles Scribner's Sons, New York (1912). An Account of One Year's Exploration in North- Western Sonora, Mexico, and South-Western Arizona 1909-1910; Illustrated from photographs, plates, two in color, two folding maps in rear pocket.

Grey, Zane. Arizona Ames. Hodder and Stoughton, London (1931).

Grey, Zane. Arizona Ames. Harper and Brothers, New York (1932).

Wellman, Paul Iselin. Broncho Apache. The Macmillan Company, New York (1936). Dust Wrapper art by George Carlson

Grey, Zane. 30,000 on the Hoof. Harper and Brothers, New York (1940).

Brandt,Herbert. Arizona and Its Bird Life.. The Bird Research Foundation, Cleveland (1951). A Naturalist's Adventures with the Nesting Birds on the Deserts, Grasslands, Foothills, and Mountains of Southeastern Arizona; Illustrated with paintings by Allan Brooks, George Micksh Sutton, Roger Tory Peterson, Terence Michael Shortt.

Kuykendall, Ivan lee. Ghost Riders of the Mogollon. The Naylor Company, San Antonio (1954).

Goldwater, Barry. The Face of Arizona. Republican State Committee of Arizona, San Fransisco (1964). Includes 50 large black and white gravure plates of Goldwater's photographs; 1000 copies.

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