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Arion Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

America's Finest: Arion Press

Known as one of America's finest Letterhead Presses, Arion is one of the few fine arts, limited-edition presses that has continued to go from strength to strength, primarily due to its solid foundations, dedication to excellence and strong connections.

Arion grew out of the vibrant San Franciscan bookseller, maker and binding community, as successors to the Grabhorn Press, who afterwards supported their endeavors through the Grabhorn Institute. They only publish three to four titles a year, and then only in runs of less than four hundred copies each, all of them classic moderns such as Moby Dick, The Great Gatsby, Ullysses and more.

Because of their dedication to the entire process, from design, art direction, metal letterpress type as well as bookbinding, an Arion title always maintains something of an elite air when compared to others of its category. They have always strived to unite contemporary artists as well with their titles, so that it may be possible to collect Arion not merely for Author or edition, but for illustrator and cover artist as well. To give you an idea of their regard in the collectors community, an entire singular run of their collection would amount to 99 Limited Editions and cost around $200,000!

If collecting Arion editions, obviously almost any book that you own or seek will have a high value, however, if looking to buy it is worth collecting the slightly less known authors and titles, so as to avoid competition. Consider authors such as Machado de Asis, Elias Canetti, LawrenceFerlinghetti for a choice that will maintain interest and value over the years.


Boswell, Winthrop Palmer. Hisperica Famina The Garden of God. Arion (1974). The Prologue and Part of the Book of Days

Grabhorn, Robert. Commonplace Book of Cookery. Arion (1975). A Collection of Proverbs, Anecdotes, Opinions and Obscure Facts on Food, Drink, Cooks, Cooking, Dining, Diners and Dieters, Dating from Ancient Times to the Present. With a Preface by M. F. K. Fisher.

Hoyem, Andrew. Picture / Poems. Arion (1975). An Illustrated Catalogue of Drawings and Related Writings: 1961-1974, prepared by the artist and poet, published on the occasion of an exhibition, January 18 through March 16, 1975, the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, California Palace of the Legion of Honor

Hoyem, Andrew. The First Poet Travels to the Moon. Arion (1975).

Shakespeare, William. Venus and Adonis. Arion (1975). Together with Sources for the Poem in Ovid's Metamorphoses Translated By Arthur Golding. Illustrated by Andrew Hoyem.

Martin, Fred. A Travel Book. Arion (1976). Linoleum block prints by Andrew Hoyem

Momaday, N Scott. The Colors of Night. Arion (1976).

Golding, Arthur. The First Separate Edition of the Psalms of David. Arion (1977). Thomas Ingmire

Golding, Arthur. The Psalms of David. Arion (1977). And Others, as Rendered into English by Arthur Golding, his Translation of Calvin's Latin Version Extracted from Commentaries on the Psalms Printed in London. Edited by Richard G. Barnes. Five illuminated initials with raised gold by Thomas Ingmire.

Melville, Herman. Moby Dick or The Whale. Arion (1979). 100 wood engravings by Barry Moser

Agricola, Georgius. Bibliotheca De Re Metallica. Arion (1980).

Dobie, J Frank. Coronado's Children. Arion (1980). Tales of Lost Mines and Buried Treasure of the Southwest

Abbott, Edwin. Flatland. Arion (1980). Geometric hand colored illustrations by Andrew Hoyem

Morrow, Bradford. Danae's Progress. Arion (1982).

Koch, Rudolf. The Typefoundry in Silhouette. Arion (1982). How printing type is developed at Klingspor Bros in Offenbach on the river Main. Illustrated with 25 silhouettes reprinted from the 1918 original edition.

Rilke, Rainer Maria. Die Weife von Liebe und Tod des Cornets Christoph Rilke / The Lay of the Love and Death of Cornet Christoph Rilke. Arion (1983). 29 woodcuts by Warren Chappell

Dine, Jim. Temple of Flora. Arion (1984). 28 dry-point engravings by Jim Dine

Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby. Arion (1984). 97 photo-engraved drawings by Michael Graves

Dine, Jim. The Temple of Flora. Arion (1984). With Botanical Notes Compiled and Poetry Selected by Glenn Todd and Nancy Dine. 28 drypoint etchings by Dine.

Stevens, Wallace. Poems. Arion (1985). Jasper Johns etching

Doyle, Sir Artur Conan. The Hound of the Baskervilles. Arion (1985). Photographs by Michael Kenna

Grayson, Andrew Jackson. Birds of the Pacific Slope. Arion (1986). 156 color plates

,. Jack Gannon Jack of All Trades and Master of One. Arion (1986). Woodcuts

Stein, Gertrude. The World is Round. Arion (1986). And the World is Not Flat. 26 linoleum and wood blocks cut by Clement Hurd

Golding, Arthur. A Moral Fable Talk. Arion (1987). That is to say a most delectable garden of moral philosophy, conveyed in fables, by speeches attributed to brute beasts. Transcribed from the autograph manuscript (c.1586) with an introduction, notes and glossary by Richard Barnes. Photogengraved copies of etchings by Marcus Gheeraerts

Bosman, Richard. Captivity Narrative of Hannah Duston. Arion (1987). Related by Cotton Mather, John Greenleaf Whittier, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Henry David Thoreau, four versions of events in 1697; 35 woodcuts by Richard Bosman

Dine, Jim. Diary of a Non-Deflector. Arion (1987). Etching by Dine

Mather, Cotton. The Captivity Narrative of Hannah Duston. Arion (1987). James Greenleaf Whittier; Nathaniel Hawthorne; Henry David Thoreau; woodcuts by Richard Bosman

Hoyem, Andrew. What If Poems 1969-1987. Arion (1987). Etching by Jim Dine

Thistleton, Francis (William Henry Fleet). How I Came to Be Governor of the Island of Cacona. Arion (1989). 22 photo-engraved drawings by Andrew Hoyem

Pinney, Thomas. Kipling in California. Arion (1989).

Milosz, Czeslaw. Swiat / The World. Arion (1989). Drypoint envgraving by Jim Dine

O'Hara, Frank. Biotherm. Arion (1990). 42 lithographs by Jim Dine

Yeats, William Butler. Poems of W B Yeats. Arion (1990). Six etching by Richard Diebernkorn

Poe, Edgar Allen. Eureka. Arion (1991). A Prose Poem: An Essay on the Material and Spiritual Universe with 8 typographic prints by Shusaku Arakawa

Martin, Carl. Go to Your Stations Girl. Arion (1991). Drawings by Martin

Miller, R.R. Impressions. Arion (1991).

Wittgenstein, Ludwig. On Certainty. Arion (1991). Uber Gewissheit. Prints by Mel Bochner

Cavalcanti, Guido. Thirty-Three Sonnets of Guido Cavalcanti. Arion (1991). Etching by Joseph Goldyne

Mamet, David. American Buffalo. Arion (1992). And The Cabin. Wood engravings by Michael McCurdy

Ginsberg, Allen. Kaddish, White Shroud and Black Shroud. Arion (1992). Lithographs by R.B. Kitaj

Mamet, David. The Cabin. Arion (1992). Wood engraving by Michael McCurdy

Dickens, Charles. A Christmas Carol. Arion (1993). 50 drawings by Ida Applebroog

Shepard, Sam. A Lie in the Mind. Arion (1993). Drawings by Stan Washburn

Freud , Sigmund. The Case of the Wolf Man From the History of an Infantile Neurosis. Arion (1993). Woodcuts and etchings by Jim Dine

Nabokov, Vladimir. Pale Fire. Arion (1994). Designed and produced by Andrew Hoyem

Roth, Henry. Call It Sleep. Arion (1995). 48 photographs of NYC

McClure, Michael. Lie, Sit, Stand, Be Still. Arion (1995). Lithographs by Robert Graham

Melville, Herman. Selected Poems. Arion (1995). Signed relief block cut by Barry Moser

Koch, Rudolf. Christian Symbols. Arion (1996). 158 religious emblems by Rudolph Koch

Alter, Robert. Genesis. Arion (1996). Intaglio etching by Michael Mazur

Stevenson, Robert Louis. The Silverado Squatters. Arion (1996). 16 photolitographs by Michael Kenna

Vidal, Gore. Williwaw. Arion (1996). A Novel

James, Henry. Ape and Cat. Arion (1997). Photogravures by James Dine

James, Henry. Madonna of the Future. Arion (1997). Photogravures by James Dine

Williams, William Carlos. Kora in Hell. Arion (1998). Imrpovisations. 21 woodcuts by Mel Kendrick

Machado de Assis, Joaquim Maria. The Alienist. Arion (1998). Drawings by Carroll Dunham

Kipling, Rudyard. With the Night Mail. Arion (1998). A Story of 2000 A.D.; 32 drawings by Vincent Perez

Calvino, Italo. Invisible Cities. Arion (1999). 12 drawings by Wayne Thiebaud

Miller, Arthur. The Price. Arion (1999). Lithographs by Stan Washburn

Toomer, Jean. Cane. Arion (2000). 7 original woodblock prints by Martin Puryear

Hoyem, Andrew. The Apocryphal Wisdom of Solomon. Arion (2000).

,. The Holy Bible. Arion (2000). Designed by Bruce Rogers

Stoppard, Tom. Arcadia. Arion (2001). Watercolor printed by William Matthews

Canetti, Elias. Voices of Marrakesh. Arion (2001). A Record of a Visit. Etchings by William Wiley and photographs by Karl Bissinger

Pushkin, Alexander. Arion. Arion (2002). Translated by Seamus Heaney

Milton, John. Paradise Lost. Arion (2002). A Poem in Twelve Books; Thirteen watercolor drawings by William Blake

Berry, Warner Bott. Scotsman's Dream. Arion (2002). Illustrations by Christopher Monti and Andrew Berry

Todd, Glenn. The Ballad of Lemon and Crow. Arion (2002). Photogravures from collages of wood engrvings by Bruce Connor

Heaney, Seamus. Squarings. Arion (2003). 48 drawings by Sol LeWitt

Brautigan, Richard. Trout Fishing in America. Arion (2003). Photographic portrait by Edmund Shea

Wharton, Edith. Age of Innocence. Arion (2004). Photographs by Stephen Shore

Moliere,. Tartuffe. Arion (2004). Comedy in Five Acts, 1669; illustrated by William Hamilton

Ferlinghetti, Lawrence. Coney Island of the Mind. Arion (2005). Illustrated by R.B. Kitaj

Berkson, Bill. Gloria. Arion (2005). 25 etchings by Alex Katz

Woolf, Virginia. Orlando. Arion (2005). Photographic illustrations by Diana Michener

Einstein, Albert. The Theory of Relativity. Arion (2005). Centennial Edition: on the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies; Does the Inertia of a Budy Depend Upon Its Energy-Constant

Hano, Arnold. A Day in the Bleachers. Arion (2006). 14 lithographs by Mark Ulriksen

Wiley, William T. Godot. Arion (2006). An Imaginary Staging. 52 prints by Wiley.

Franklin, Benjamin. Memoirs of Benjamin Franklin. Arion (2006).

de Maistre, Xavier. Journey Round My Room. Arion (2007). photographs by Ross Anderson

Dickinson, Emily. Sampler. Arion (2007). 206 prints by Kiki Smith

McClure, Michael. The Boobus and the Bunnyduck. Arion (2007). Drawings by Jess Collins

Eliot, T S. The Waste Land. Arion (2007). Illustrations ffrom R.B. Kitaj painting.

Shakespeare, William. Shakespeare's Sonnets. Arion ().

Todd, Glenn. Shaped Poetry. Arion ().

Dine, Jim. The Apocalypse. Arion (). The Revelation of Saint John the Divine; 29 woodblock prints by Dine

Edie, George. The Art of English Shooting. Arion ().

Stern, Laurence. Tristam Shandy. Arion (). Photo-collage illustrations by John Baldessari

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