Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Arif Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

H D,. 2 Poems by H.D.. Arif (1971). Hilda Doolittle; Illustrated by Welsey Tanner

Spicer, Jack. The Red Wheelbarrow. Arif (1971).

McClure, Michael. Solstice Blossom. Arif (1973).

Berkson, Bill. Ants. Arif (1974). Drawings by Bill Berkson

Hawkins, Bobbie Louise. Fifteen Poems. Arif (1974).

Stafford, Clayton. The Swan and the Eagle. Arif (1974). And Other Poems

Kyger, Joanne Elizabeth. Trip Out and Fall Back. Arif (1974). Gordon Baldwin illustrator

Baldock, Robert. Bernard Maybeck. Arif (1980).

Johnston, Edward. Formal Penmanship Defined by the Thing. Arif (1980).

Sappho, Page (Denys). Fragmenta Nova. Arif (1981).

Voltaire, J F M Arouet de. Memnon or Human Wisdom. Arif (1981). Translated by P H Hanssen. Frontispiece by J.M. Moreau le Jeune

Thomas, Lewis. Quartet. Arif (1986). Etchings by Joseph Goldyne

Mitchell, Stephen. 12 Portraits. Arif (1987). Drawings by Welsey Tanner

Guerin, Maurice de. Le Centaure. Arif ().

McClure, Michael. The Book of Benjamin. Arif ().

Cobden-Sanderson, Thomas James. The Ideal Book or Book Beautiful. Arif (). A Tract on Calligraphy, Printing, and Illustration and on the Book Beautiful as a Whole

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