Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Andre Hertesz Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Hertesz, Andre. Enfants. Editions d'Histoire et Art (1933).

Hertesz, Andre. Nos Amies les Betes. Editions D'histoire et d'Art-Librairie Plon (1936). 60 black and white photographs

Hertesz, Andre. Day of Paris. J.J. Augustin (1945).

Hertesz, Andre Ducrot, N. Andre Kertesz: Sixty Years of Photography, 1912-1972. Grossman Publishers (1972). 220 plates

Hertesz, Andre. J'Aime Paris: Photographs Since the Twenties. Grossman Publishers (1974). 224 photographs of Paris

Hertesz, Andre. Dans New York. Chene (1976). 184 photographs in heliogravure

Hertesz, Andre. Distortions. Alfred A. Knopf (1976). series of 120 photographs

Hertesz, Andre. Of New York. Alfred A. Knopf (1976). 184 black and white plates

Hertesz, Andre. From My Window. New York Graphic Society (1981). approximately 50 color plates

Hertesz, Andre. Hungarian Memories. New York Graphic Society/Little Brown and Co. (1982). 187 b/w photographic plates

Hertesz, Andre. Diary of Light 1912-1985. New York Aperture (1987). 3,000 copies of 152 photographic plates