Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Anatomy Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Vesalius, Andreas. De humani corporis fabrica libri septem. Johannes Oporinus: Basel (1543). Modern full vellum, black morocco lettering-pieces on the spine; woodcut illustration

Estienne, Charles. De dissectione partium corporis humani libri tres. Un cum figuris, and incisionum declarationibus, Stephano Riverio Chirurgo compositis. Simon de Colines: Paris (1545).

Montana de Monserrate, Bernardino. Libro de la anothomia del hombre. Sebastian Martinez: Valladolid (1551).

Burton, Robert. The Anatomy of Melancholy. John Lichfield and James Short: Oxford (1624). 2nd edition

Burton, Robert. The Anatomy of Melancholy. for Henry Cripps: Oxford (1632). 4th edition

Perrault, Claude. Description anatomique d'un Cameleon, d'un Castor, d'un Dromadaire, d'un Ours, et d'une Gazelle. Frederic Leonard: Paris (1669). Other authors-Sebatian Leclerc and Abraham Bosse

Grew, Nehemiah. The Anatomy of Vegetables Begun: With a General Account of Vegetation Founded thereon. Printed for Spencer Hickman, Printer to the R. Society, at the Rose in S Pauls Church-Yard: London (1672).

Burton, Robert. The Anatomy of Melancholy. Peter Parker: London (1676). 8th edition

Grew, Nehemiah. Musaeum Regalis Societatis. W.Rawlins: London (1681). Full title-Musaeum Regalis Societatis: or a Catalogue and Description of the Natural and Artificial Rarities Belonging to the Royal Society and Preserved at Gresham College. Whereunto is Subjoynes the Comparative Anatomy of Stomachs and Guts

Grew, Nehemiah. The Anatomy of Plants. W.Rawlins: London (1682). Full title-The Anatomy of Plants: With an Idea of a Philosophical History of Plants

Snape, Andrew. The Anatomy of an Horse. M. Flesher: London (1683).

Morton, Richard. Phthisiologia: Or, A Treatise of Consumptions. Printed for Sam. Smith and Benj. Walford, London (1694). 3 volumes; First edition in English

Keill, James. The Anatomy of the Humane Body Abridged. William Keblewhite: London (1698). Full title-The Anatomy of the Humane Body Abridged; or A Short and Full View of all the Parts of the Body. Together with their several uses drawn from their Compositions and Structures

Gibson, Thomas. The Anatomy of Humane Bodies Epitomized. Printed by T.W. for Awnsham and John Churchill: London (1703). 6th edition

Eustachi, Bartolomeo. Tabulae anatomicae. Francisco Gonzaga: Rome (1714). Edited by Giovanni Maria Lancisi

Albinus, Bernhard Siefried. Historia Musculorum Hominis. Theodor Haak and Henricus Mulhovius: Leyden (1734).

Tarin, Pierre. Osteo-graphie. Briasson: Paris (1753). Full title-Osteo-graphie; ou, description des os de l'adulte, du foetus, etc. Precedee d'une introduction a l'etude des parties solides du corps Humain

Brookes, Richard. An Introduction to Physic and Surgery. Printed for J. Newbery (1754).

Swammerdam, Jan. The book of nature; or, the history of insects. Seyffert: London (1758). Translated from the Dutch by Thomas Flloyd; Revised and improved from notes by John Hill; First English Edition

Morgagni, Giovanni Battista. De Sedibus, et Causis Morborum per Anatomen Indagatis. ex Typographia Remondiniana: Venezia (1761). 2 volumes

Gouan, Antoine. Histoire des Poissons. Amand Konig: Strasbourg (1770). Full title-Histoire des Poissons, contenant la description Anatomique de leurs parties externes and internes, and le caractere des divers genres ranges par classes and par ordres

Lafosse, Etienne Guillaume. Cours d'hippiatrique, ou traite complet de la medecine des chevaux. Edme: Paris (1772).

Monro, Alexander. The Works of Alexander Monro, M.D.. Charles Elliot: Edinburgh (1781).

Harwood, Sir Busick. A System of Comparative Anatomy and Physiology. Printed by J. Burges: Cambridge (1796).

Burton, Robert. Anatomy of Melancholy. J. Cundee: London (1800). 2 volumes; 9th Edition

Camper, Pierre. Description anatomique d'un elephant male. H.J. Jansen: Paris (1802).

Blumenbach, J.F. Handbuch der vergleichenden anatomie. Heinrich Dieterich: Gottingen (1805).

Soemmerring, S.T. Abbildungen der menschlichen organe. Varentrapp und Wenner: Frankfurt (1806). 5 engraved plates by G. Rucker and J. C. Eckardt after drawings by C. Kock

Bell, Charles. System of Operative Surgery, Founded on the Basis of Anatomy. Hale and Hosmer: Hartford (1812). 2 volumes; First American Edition

Bell, Charles. System of Operative Surgery, Founded on the Basis of Anatomy. George Goodwin and Sons: Hartford (1816). 2 volumes

Cuvier, Georges. Le Regne Animal distribue d'apres son Organisation, pour server de base a l'histoire naturelle des animaux et d'introduction a l'anatomie compare. Deterville: Paris (1817). 4 volumes

Foville, Achille-Louis-Francois. Observations cliniques propres a eclairer certaines questions relatives a l'alienation mentale : these de doctorat de medecine. Didot: Paris (1824).

Mack, Ebenezer. The Cat-Fight; A Mock Heroic Poem. Sold at 350 Water-Street: New York (1824). Illustrated by David Claypool Johnston

Spurzheim, G. Anatomy Of The Brain; With A General View Of The Nervous System. S. Highley: London (1826). Translated from the unpublished French manuscript by R. Willis

Horner, William E. Treatise on Pathological Anatomy. Carey, Lea and Carey: Philadelphia (1829).

Bell, Charles. The hand. Pickering: London (1833).

Stewart, James. A practical treatise on the diseases of children. Wiley and Putnam: New York (1841).

Hunter, William. Anatomia Uteri Humani Gravidi Tabulis illustrata. Sydenham Society: London (1851). Full title-Anatomia Uteri Humani Gravidi Tabulis illustrata/The Anatomy of the Human Gravid Uterus Exhibited in Figures

Maclise, Joseph. Surgical anatomy. John Churchill: London (1856). 2nd Edition

Gray, Henry. Anatomy, Descriptive and Surgical. Blanchard and Lee: Philadelphia (1859). First U.S. Edition

Davaine, Casimir Joseph. Traite des entozoaires et des maladies vermineuses de l'homme et des animaux domestiques. J.B. Bailliere et Fils: Paris (1860).

Gray, Henry. Anatomy, Descriptive and Surgical. Blanchard and Lee: Philadelphia (1862). 2nd Edition

Barkow, Hans Karl Leopold. Die Blut-Gefasse verzuglich die Schlagadern des Menschen. Ferdinand Hirt: Breslau (1866). 6 volumes; Full title-Die Blut-Gefasse verzuglich die Schlagadern des Menschen in ihren minder bekannten Bahnen und Verzweigungen oder Comparative Morpholoigie des Menschen und der menschenahnlichen Tiere

Gray, Henry. Anatomy, Descriptive and Surgical. Henry C. Lea: Philadelphia (1867).

Davis, Joseph Barnard. Thesaurus Craniorum. Printed for the subscribers: London (1867). Full title-Thesaurus Craniorum: Catalogue of the Skulls of the Various races of Man, in the Collection of Joseph Barnard Davis, M.D, F.S.A

Sibson, Francis. Medical Anatomy: or, Illustrations of the Relative Position and Movements of the Internal Organs. John Churchill and Sons: London (1869).

Machen, Arthur. The Anatomy of Tobacco. George Redway: London (1884). Full title-The Anatomy of Tobacco; or Smoking Methodised, Divided, and Considered After a New Fashion by Leolinus Siluriensis

Bennett, E. H. The Sectional Anatomy of Congenital Coecal Hernia. H. K. Lewis: London (1888). Other author-D.J. Cunningham

Budge, E. A. Wallis. Syrian Anatomy, Pathology and Therapeutics orThe Book of Medicines. Oxford University Press: London (1913). 2 volumes

Burton, Robert. The Anatomy of Melancholy. Nonesuch Press: London (1925). Limited Edition; 750 copies; 2 volumes; Illustrated by E. McKnight Kauffer; Original Quarter vellum over Italian pattern paper boards with gilt lettering to spine

Burton, Robert. The Anatomy of Melancholy. Nonesuch Press: London (1925). Numbered limited edition; 40 copies printed on Japon vellum in one volume with certain of the illustrations tinted in water-colour by Edward McKnight Kauffer; Typography by Francis Meynell

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