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Albondocani Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

George Bixby's Albondocani Press

Quite a late private press, George Bixby headed up his Albondocani private press in 1968, with an active print running continuing through to the mid-nineties, and then later revived in the early 2000's. Known for its dedication to author, art and quality workmanship, the Albondocani has printed postcards, novels, collections of poetry as well as classic reprints. Authors include Joyce Carol Oates, the illustrator Edward Gorey, Gertrude Stein, Marrianne Moore, artist Saul Bellow, E.M. Forster, Ellen Gilchrist and more.

Quite productive, Albondocani have maintained a good reputation as a fine press, and its status as a private press has ensured that they are able to only take on the work that they can devote all of their enthusiasm and skills to. Currently, a one-print entire run of their work is available from James and Jaffe Rare Books (and mirrored on Abebooks) for $12,000 dollars - a bargain for such a rare and complete collection.

One of the benefits to collecting from a private press like Albondocani is that the authors that you will be collecting have a large mainstream appeal, and will rarely be seen in these editions and formats. Although this scarcity does not necessarily increase their price value, it certainly increases their collectability for the future, with some of their items such as the Edward Gorey's The Green Beads or The Prune People running at easily over $400 and sometimes reaching as much as $700.

All editions of the work must be in excellent condition, and, due to their often paper or thin covers, should be kept in a protective slip-case environment or a controlled-air library because of their fragility.

Levertov, Denise. A Marigold from North Viet Nam. Albondocani (1968).

Levertov, Denise. In the Night. Albondocani (1968). A Story

Price, Reynolds. Late Warning. Albondocani (1968). Four Poems

Oates, Joyce Carol. Women in Love. Albondocani (1968). And Other Poems

Welty, Eudora. A Sweet Devouring. Albondocani (1969).

Gunn, Thom. Sunlight. Albondocani (1969).

Moore, Marianne. The Accented Syllable. Albondocani (1969). An Essay

Gorey, Edward. The Iron Tonic or a Winter Afternoon in a Lonely Valley. Albondocani (1969).

Price, Reynolds. Torso of an Archaic Apollo. Albondocani (1969). After Rilke

Smith, William Jay. A Rose for Katherine Anne Porter. Albondocani (1970).

Oates, Joyce Carol. Cupid and Psyche. Albondocani (1970). A Short Story

Welty, Eudora. Flock of Guinea Hens Seen From a Car. Albondocani (1970).

Gunn, Thom. Poem after Chaucer. Albondocani (1971).

Gorey, Edward. Story for Sara. Albondocani (1971). What Happened to a Little Girl By Alphonse Allais Put Into English with Drawings By Edward Gorey

Cunard, Nancy. Thoughts About Ronald Firbank. Albondocani (1971). Foreward by Miriam J Benkovitz

Moss, Howard. Chekhov. Albondocani (1972).

Oates, Joyce Carol. Wooded Forms. Albondocani (1972).

Forster, E M. A View Without a Room. Albondocani (1973).

Gunn, Thom. Songbook. Albondocani (1973). Drawings by Bill S

Moss, Howard. Travel A Window. Albondocani (1973).

Updike, John. Warm Wine. Albondocani (1973). An Idyll

Welty, Eudora. A Pageant of Birds. Albondocani (1974).

Updike, John. Query. Albondocani (1974).

Gorey, Edward. Les Passementeries Horrbles. Albondocani (1976).

Goyen, William. Nine Poems. Albondocani (1976).

Price, Reynolds. Lessons Learned. Albondocani (1977). Seven Poems

Price, Reynolds. Christ Child's Song at the End of the Night. Albondocani (1978). A Poem

Gorey, Edward. The Green Beads. Albondocani (1978).

Bellow, Saul. Silver Dish. Albondocani (1979).

Oates, Joyce Carol. A Middle Class Education. Albondocani (1980).

Price, Reynolds. The Annual Heron. Albondocani (1980).

Welty, Eudora. White Fruitcake. Albondocani (1980).

Styron, William. As He Lay Dead, A Bitter Grief. Albondocani (1981).

O'Connor, Flannery. Home of the Brave. Albondocani (1981).

Wilbur, Richard. Elizabeth Bishop: A Memorial Tribute. Albondocani (1982).

Wilbur, Richard. Hamlen Brook. Albondocani (1982).

Gorey, Edwaed. Prune People. Albondocani (1983).

Corn, Alfred. The New Life. Albondocani (1983).

Gorey, Edward. The Prune People. Albondocani (1983).

Corn, Alfred. Navidad, St Nicholas Ave. Albondocani (1984).

Williams, Tennessee. The Remarkable Rooming-House of Mme Le Monde. Albondocani (1984).

Gunn, Thom. Sidewalks. Albondocani (1985).

Gorey, Edward. The Prune People II. Albondocani (1985).

Price, Reynolds. Noon Rest, Best Day. Albondocani (1986). A Poem

Plante, David. My Mother's Pearl Necklace. Albondocani (1987).

Gilchrist, Ellen. Two Stories. Albondocani (1988).

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