Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Giacometti, Alberto Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Giacometti, Alberto. Cahiers D'Art 20-21E. Ed. Cahiers D'Art (1946).

Giacometti, Alberto Bataille. Histoire De Rats. Editions De Minuit (1947).

Giacometti, Alberto. Verve 27/28. Teriade (1952). 34 lithographs by Braque, Matisse, Laurens, Giacometti, Masson, Leger, Miro, Chagall, Gromaire and Bores

Giacometti, Alberto San Lazzaro. Xxe Siecle 3. Xxe Siecle (1952). four original lithographs by Miro, Calder, Henri Michaux, and Giacometti

Giacometti, Alberto. Derriere Le Miroir 65. Galerie Maeght (1954). Three color lithographs (two on front and back of wrap and one double page inside) by Giacometti

Giacometti, Alberto. Derriere Le Miroir 92/93. Galerie Maeght (1956). original lithographs by Chagall, Miro, Bazaine and etchings by Giacometti and Miro.

Giacometti, Alberto. Le Balcon. Isere, L'Arbalete (1956). lithographic illustrations by Giacometti

Giacometti, Alberto. Derriere Le Miroir 98. Galerie Maeght (1957). 3 original lithographs

Giacometti, Alberto. Derriere Le Miroir 107-109. Maeght (1958). one original lithograph

Giacometti, Alberto Genet. Jean, L'Atelier D'Alberto Giacometti, Les Bonnes, L'Enfant Criminel, Le Funambule. L'Arbalete (1958).

Giacometti, Alberto. Derriere Le Miroir 117. Galerie Maeght (1959). Original colour lithograph by Miro. Lithographs after Bazaine, Braque, Giacometti, Tal-Coat

Giacometti, Alberto. Derriere Le Miroir 127. Maeght Editeur (1961). Fourteen monochrome lithographs by Giacometti (two double page)

Giacometti, Alberto Dupin. Alberto Giacometti. Maeght Editeur (1962). Frontispiece and dustjacket are original lithographs

Giacometti, Alberto Cianetti. Kronenhalle 1862-1922-1962. Gustav Zumsteg, Zurich (1962).

Giacometti, Alberto. Alberto Giacometti. Basel, Switzerland: Galerie Bayeler (1963). 2 original lithographs, frontispiece and rear

Giacometti, Alberto. Derriere Le Miroir 148 Juillet 1964. Maeght (1964). 6 lithographs (2 original) by George Braque, Alberto Giacometti, Marc Chagall, Raoul Ubac, Joan Miro, and Pierre Tal Coat

Giacometti, Alberto Mourlot. Prints from the Mourlot Press. Mourlot Press (1964). 18 lithographs by Chagall, Picasso, Miro, Beaudin, Esteve, Matisse, Guiramand, Florsheim, Cathelin, Brasilier, Brianchon, Cocteau, Minaux, Jenkins, Calder, Kito, Giacometti and Manessier.

Giacometti, Alberto Adhemar. Lithographies de l'Atelier Mourlot. The Redfern Gallery (1965). Original lithographs by Picasso, Matisse, Calder, Buffet, Giacometti, Chagall and others

Giacometti, Alberto Char. Retour Amont. GLM Paris (1966).

Giacometti, Alberto Carluccio. Giacometti: A Sketchbook Of Interpretive Drawings. N.Y.:Abrams (1967). 144 plates

Giacometti, Alberto Bouchet. Alberto Giacometti. Paris Maeght Editeur (1969).

Giacometti, Alberto. Paris Sans Fin. Teriade. Paris. (1969). 150 original lithographs by Giacometti

Giacometti, Alberto Lust. Giacometti: Complete Graphics. Tudor Publishing (1970). 368 plates

Giacometti, Alberto Hohl. Alberto Giacometti. Harry N. Abrams (1971). 270 illustrations

Giacometti, Alberto Lord. Alberto Giacometti Drawings. Greenwich: New York Graphic Society (1971). 118 illustrations

Giacometti, Alberto Lord. Dessins D'Alberto Giacometti. Editions Seghers (1971). 117 illustrations

Giacometti, Alberto Hohl. Alberto Giacometti - Sculpture Painting Drawing. Thames and Hudson (1972). 196 plates

Giacometti, Alberto Prevert. Souvenirs Et Portraits D'Artistes. Alain Mazo/Leon Amiel/ New York (1972). With 25 original lithographs of the following artists: Brianchon, Masson, Baudin, Fenosa, Esteve, Matisse, Guiramand, Terechkovitch, Braque, Derain, Picasso, Jenkins,Miro,Cocteau,Minaux, Villon, Chagall, Giacometti, Buffet, Wunderlich, Delvaux, Vasarely, Manessier, Lapcque, Sutherland

Giacometti, Alberto Soavi. Disegni Di Giacometti. Milano: Editoriale Domus (1973). 3000 copies

Giacometti, Alberto. The Words Of The Preacher Son Of David, King In Jerusalem. Black Rock Press (1973). 50 copies

Giacometti, Alberto Bouchet. Air 1950 - 1953. Clivages. Paris (1977). 900 copies

Giacometti, Alberto. Derriere Le Miroir 233. Maeght (1979). lithographic cover

Giacometti, Alberto Matter. Alberto Giacometti. Harry N. Abrams (1987).

Giacometti, Alberto Matter. Alberto Giacometti. Gallimard (1988).

Giacometti, Alberto. Alberto Giacometti. Tokyo: Libro Port (1988).

Giacometti, Alberto Cartier-Bresson. Alberto Giacometti. Milano, Franco Sciardelli (1991).

Giacometti, Alberto Bonnefoy. Alberto Giacometti A Biography Of His Work. Random House (1991).

Giacometti, Alberto Bonnefoy. Alberto Giacometti Biografia Di Un'Opera. Leonardo, Milano (1991).

Giacometti, Alberto Bonnefoy. Alberto Giacometti: A Biography Of His Work. Flammarion (1991).

Giacometti, Alberto Soavi. Alberto Giacometti: Resemblance Defeated. Editions Sauret/Trinckvel (1991). 200 plates

Giacometti, Alberto Page. Alberto Giacometti: Sculptures, Peintures, Dessins. Musee D'Art Moderne De La Ville De Paris (1991).

Giacometti, Alberto Lust. Alberto Giacometti: The Complete Graphics. Alan Wofsy Fine Arts (1991). Catalogue raisonne

Giacometti, Alberto Scheidegger. Traces D'Une Amitie: Alberto Giacometti. Maeght (1991).

Giacometti, Alberto Di Crescenzo. Alberto Giacometti: Early Works In Paris. Yoshii Gallery (1994).

Giacometti, Alberto Stauffer. Das Graphische Werk. Kornfeld Bern (1997).

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