Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Alan Swallow Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Eaton, Gail. Kenneth Patchen. Alan Swallow (1948). A First Bibliography

Norse, Harold. The Undersea Mountain. Alan Swallow (1953).

Fisher, Vardis. A Goat For Azazel. Alan Swallow (1956). A Novel Of Christian Origins; 300 signed copies; Preface by Harry W. Schwartz

Fisher, Vardis. Jesus Came Again. Alan Swallow (1956). A Parable; 200 numbered copies signed by Vardis Fisher

Fisher, Vardis. Peace Like A River. Alan Swallow (1957). A Novel Of Christian Asceticism;.200 Copies.

Fisher, Vardis. My Holy Satan. Alan Swallow (1958). A Novel Of Christian Twilight; 200 copies signed by Vardis Fisher; Volume XI of the Testament of Man series.

Fisher, Vardis. Orphans In Gethsemane. Alan Swallow (1960). A Novel Of The Past In The Present; Two hundred copies signed by Vardis Fisher; Volume XII of The Testament of Man series

Manfred, Frederick. Arrow Of Love.. Alan Swallow (1961). Three Novelettes; 90 numbered copies, signed by the author

Fisher, Vardis. Suicide Or Murder?. Alan Swallow (1962). The Strange Death Of Governor Meriwether Lewis

Carroll, Donald. New Poets Of Ireland. Alan Swallow (1963).

Waters, Frank. The Woman At Otowi Crossing. Alan Swallow (1966).

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