Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Airplanes Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Lougheed, Victor. Vehicles of the Air. Reilly and Britton: Chicago (1909). Full title-Vehicles of the Air, a popular exposition of modern aeronautics with working drawings

Van Dyne, Edith. The Flying Girl and Her Chum. Reilly and Britton: Chicago (1912). Author pseudonymn of L. Frank Baum; Illustrated by Joseph Nuyttens

Hodgson, J. E. History of Aeronautics in Great Britain. Oxford University Press: London (1924). 1000 copies

Paine, Ralph D. The First Yale Unit: A Story of Naval Aviation 1916-1919. Riverside Press: Cambridge (1925). 2 volumes

Earhart, Amelia. The Fun of It: Random Records of My Own Flying and of Women in Aviation. Brewer, Warren and Putnam: New York (1932). Signed Edition

Faulkner, William. Pylon. Harrison Smith- Robert Haas: New York (1935). Signed Edition; 310 copies

Gann, Ernest K. All American Aircraft. Crowell: New York (1941).

John Steinbeck. Bombs Away. The Viking Press: New York (1942). Photographs by John Swope

Lawrence, Joseph. The Observer's Book of Airplanes. Frederick Warne and Co: London (1942). First U.K. Edition

Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corp. Service and Instruction Manual Airplane General B-24 Bombardment Airplane. Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corp: San Diego, CA (1944). Second Edition; Last 6 pages bound in upside down as a printer's error

Perkins, Courtland D. Airplane Performance, Stability and Control. John Wiley and Sons (1966).

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