Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books and Original Prints

Adagio Annotated Bibliography & Selected Collectible Books

Ransom, Will. Cordially Yours. Adagio (1955).

Ruskin, John. Contemptible Horse. Adagio (1962). 5 pen and ink illustration by Adele Bichan

Bahr, Leonard. Experiments with the Bradley Combination Ornaments. Adagio (1967).

Dickey, James. Exchanges. Adagio (1971).

Bahr, Leonard. The Bradley Ornaments. Adagio (1974).

Weeks, Donald. An Intrusion Upon Eternity. Adagio ().

Strouse, Norman and John Dreyfus. C-S The Master Craftsman. Adagio (). TJ Cobden-Sanderson, Emery Walker Agadio Press, Leonard F. Bahr, Gross Pointe Park, Michigan and Harper Woods, Michigan.