Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books

Bowles, Paul

Bowles, Paul . Sheltering Sky. . New Directions Book (1949). First American Edition

Bowles, Paul . The Delicate Prey. Zero Press, Tangier, Morocco (1949). In Zero No. 2, Summer Issue 1949; Along With Bowles, Contributors Include James Baldwin, William Carlos Williams And Klaus Mann;

Bowles, Paul. The Sheltering Sky. John Lehmann (1949). 1910-1999; First Uk Edition

Bowles, Paul . A Little Stone . John Lehman (1950). First Uk Edition

Bowles, Paul . The Delicate Prey . Random House (1950). First Printing; 5000 Total Copies

Bowles, Paul. . Under Himlens Daekke. Gyldendal, Kovenhavn (1950). "The Sheltering Sky"; Danish Edition; 5000 Copies

Bowles, Paul . Let It Come Down . Random House (1952). First American Edition; First Printing

Bowles, Paul. The Spiders House . Random House (1955). First American Edition

Bowles, Paul. Yallah . Manesse Verlag, Zurich (1956). Photography - Haeberlin, Peter W.; Paul Bowles, Text; German First Editiion

Bowles, Paul. Yallah. McDowell, Obolensky (1957). Photographs By Peter W. Haeberlin; English First Edition; First Printing

Bowles, Paul. Genesis West. The Chrysalis West Foundation, Burlington, CA (1962). Vol. 1 No. 1; F.W. Bateson, Dudley Fitts, Stanley Kunitz, Denise Levertov, Kenneth Rexroth, Theodore Roethke, Muriel Rukeyser, Stephen Spender, Grace Paley, Curtis Zahn, Charles Wuorinen, Paul Bowles, Cid Corman, George Cuomo, George P. Elliott, James T. Farrell, Raymond Federman, Rolfe Humphries, Frederick Rebsamen, Mark Harris, T. Mike Walker, La Monte Young, Ruth Bernhard, Beth Van Hoesen, And Carla Lopez

Bowles, Paul . Up Above The World . Simon And Schuster (1966).

Bowles, Paul. . Up Above The World. . Simon And Schuster (1966). First American Edition

Bowles, Paul . The Time Of Friendship. Holt, Rinehart & Winston (1967). A Volume Of Short Stories;

Bowles, Paul . Scenes. Black Sparrow Press, CA (1968). 50 Hardcover, Numbered, Signed Copies; 250 Numbered, Signed Copies; Total Edition: 300 Copies

Bowles, Paul. The Lemon . Mcgraw-Hill (1972). Mohammed Mrabet, Author; First American Edition;

Bowles, Paul . The Thicket Of Spring. Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara, Ca (1972). Poems 1926-1969; 26 Signed, Lettered Copies, Handbound By Earl Gray; 200 Numbered Copies

Bowles, Paul . Without Stopping . G.P. Putnams Sons (1972). An Autobiography

Bowles, Paul. The Boy Who Set The Fire. . La: Black Sparrow, 1974. (1974). Mrabet, Mohammed; 5 Signed, Numbered Presentation Copies; 26 Signed, Lettered Copies; 250 Signed, Numbered Copies

Bowles, Paul . Three Tales . Hallman, N.Y. (1975). 100 Signed, Numbered Copies; Total Edition: 1000 Copies;

Bowles, Paul . Next To Nothing . Starstreams 5, Kathmandu, Nepal (1976). 500 Numbered, Signed Copies; Handmade Nepalese Paper; Illustrations And Design: Maya, Dana Young, Sidney Hushour, Petra Vogt, Lee Baarslag And Paul Bowles

Bowles, Paul. The Big Mirror . Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara, CA (1977). Mohammed Mrabet. Taped & Translated From The Moghrebi By Paul Bowles; 26 Signed, Lettered Copies; 200 Signed, Numbered Copies

Bowles, Paul . Things Gone And Things Still Here . Black Sparrow Press,, Santa Barbara: (1977). 26 Handbound, Signed, Lettered Copies;

Bowles, Paul. Collected Stories . Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara , CA (1979). 60 Copies Specially Bound, Numbered & Signed By Paul Bowles And Gore Vidal; 300 Copies Signed By Paul Bowles Only; Total Edition: 1110 Copies;

Bowles, Paul. Five Eyes. . Black Sparrow Press, Santa Barbara, CA (1979). Stories By Abdeslam Boulaich, Mohamed Choukri, Larbi Layachi, Mohammed Mrabet, Ahmed Yacoubi. Edited And Translated By Paul Bowles; 26 Lettered Copies, Signed By Paul Bowles, Mohamed Choukri, Larbi Layachi And Mohammed Mrabel, Handbound In Boards By Earle Gray

Bowles, Paul. Tennessee Williams In Tangier. Cadmus Editions, Santa Barbara, Ca (1979). Choukri, Mohamed; Translated From The Arabic By Paul Bowles; 200 Signed, Numbered Copies; Signed By Both Paul Bowles And Mohamed Choukri

Bowles, Paul . Next To Nothing . Black Sparrow, Santa Barbara, CA (1981). 26 Handbound, Lettered, Signed Copies; 300 Numbered, Signed Copies; 500 Trade Copies

Bowles, Paul . Points In Time. Ecco Press (1984). First American Edition

Bowles, Paul . She Woke Me Up So I Killed Her . Cadmus Editions, CA (1985). Paul Bowles, Translator; Jorge Luis Borges, Francis Ponge, Paul Magrette, Giorgio De Chirico, Andre Pieyre De Mandiargues Et Al; 26 Signed, Lettered Copies; 100 Numbered Copies

Bowles, Paul. Paul Bowles. Black Sparrow, Santa Barbara, CA (1986). A Descriptive Bibliography; Jeffrey Miller, Bibliographer; 26 Lettered, Signed Copies; 200 Numbered, Signed And Handbound By Earle Gray Copies.

Bowles, Paul. Unwelcome Words. Tombouctou Books, Bolinas, CA (1988). 100 Signed Copies

Bowles, Paul. Chocolate Cream And Dollars . Inanout Press (1992). Paul Bowles, Translator; Mohammed Mrabet, Author; Philip Taafee, Illustrator; 100 Copies, Numbered And Signed By All Three.

Paul Bowles . To Far From Home . Peter Owen (1994). Marguettie Mcbey, Artist; 100 Signed, Numbered Copies;

Bowles, Paul . Dear Paul - Dear Ned. Elysium Press, North Pomfret, VT (1997). The Correspondence Of Paul Bowles And Ned Rorem; Introduction By Gavin Lambert; 26 Lettered Copies Signed By All Three; 300 Numbered, Unsigned Copies; Total Edition: 326 Copies;

Bowles, Paul . No Eye Looked Out From Any Crevice . Cadmus, CA (1997). Small Chapbook; 26 Signed, Lettered Copies; 100 Signed, Numbered Copies; Total Edition: 133 Copies.