Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books

Holmes, Oliver Wendell

Holmes, Oliver Wendell, et al.. The Harbinger; A May-Gift . Carter, Hendee & Co., Boston (1833). Collection of poetry; 19 poems by Park Benjamin, 17 poems by Oliver Wendell Holmes; 17 poems by John O. Sargent

Holmes, Oliver Wendell, et al.. Boylston Prize Dissertations for 1836. Perkins & Marvin, Boston (1836). By Oliver Wendell Holmes, MD., Robert W. Haxall, MD., And Luther V. Bell, Library of Practical Medicine Published By Order of the Massachusetts Medical Society for the Use of Its Fellows; Vol. 7

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Poems . Otis, Broaders, & Co., Boston (1836). Holmes' first book

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Boylston Prize Dissertations For the Years 1836 and 1837 . Charles C. Little and Jame Brown, Boston (1838). Folding map frontispiece; 3 essays: "Dissertation on Intermittent Fever in New England", "Dissertation on Neuralgia," and "Dissertation on Direct Exploration";

Holmes, Oliver Wendell . Homeopathy. Ticknor and Fields, Boston (1842). and its kindred delusions; two lectures delivered before the Boston society for the diffusion of useful knowledge

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Poems. O. Rich & Sons,, London: (1846). First UK Edition

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Urania. William D. Ticknor & Company, Boston (1846). A rhymed lesson; 'pronounced before the Mercantile Library Association, Oct 14, 1846"; first printing of 1500 copies

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Poems. William D. Ticknor & Company,, Boston (1849). New and enlarged edition; first issue has misprint perpischore p187

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Astraea. Ticknor, Reed and Fields, Boston (1850). the balance of illusions; A poem delivered before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Yale College, August 14 1850; first printing

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Practical views on medical education. David Clapp, Boston (1850). Submitted to the members of the American Medical Association, by the Medical Faculty of Harvard University. In: The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal

Holmes,Oliver Wendell . Poems. Ticknor & Fields, Boston (1856). New and Enlarged Edition; Illustrated

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. The autocrat of the breakfast table. Philips, Sampson & Company, Boston (1857). 2 volumes of 'The Atlantic Monthly'

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Autocrat of the Breakfast Table . Philips, Sampson & Company, Boston (1858). First book edition; large paper edition; illustrated-8 engraved plates; multiple printings

Holmes, Oliver Wendell . The Autocrat Of The Breakfast Table . Phillips, Sampson & Company, Boston (1859). Second Edition; large paper edition; some copies printed without illustrations

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. The Professor at the Breakfast Table. Ticknor & Fields Co., Boston (1860). With the Story of Iris; First Trade Edition; first edition limited to 300 copies (cut down from large paper edition).

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. The Professor at the Breakfast Table. Sampson Low, Son & Co., London (1860). With the Story of Iris; First UK Edition

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Currents and Counter Currents in Medical Science. Ticknor and Fields, Boston (1861). With Other Addresses and Essays; Included are "Currents and counter-currents in medical science"; "Homeopathy, and its kindred delusions"; "Some more recent views on homeopathy"; "Puerperal fever as a private pestilence"; "Position and prospects of the medical student"; "Mechanism of vital actions"; and "Valedictory address to medical graduates of Harvard, March 10, 1858."

Holmes, Oliver Wendell . Elsie Venner. Ticknor and Fields, Boston (1861). A Romance of Destiny; 2 volumes; 4 printings January- April 1861

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Border Lines of Knowledge. Ticknor & Fields, Boston: (1862). in some provinces of medical science; lecture at Harvard University

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. My Hunt after the Captain. 1862 (1862). The Atlantic Monthly, December 1862; pp 738-764

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Soundings From The Atlantic . Ticknor & Fields, Boston (1864). Essays:"Bread and the Newspaper", "My Hunt After The Captain", "The Stereoscope and the Stereograph", "Sun-Painting and Sun-Sculpture; with a Stereoscopic Trip Across the Atlantic", "Doings of the Sunbeam", "The Human Wheel, Its Spokes and Felloes", "A Visit to the Autocrats Landlady", "A Visit to the Asylum for Aged and Decayed Punsters", "The Great Instrument" and "The Inevitable Trial".

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Mechanism in Thought and Morals. James R. Osgood and Co, Boston (1871). An address delivered before the phi beta kappa society of Harvard University, June 29, 1870.; 1500 copies of first printing

James. Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Jr. [1841 - 1935] - Editor. Kent . COMMENTARIES On AMERICAN LAW. Edited by O. W. Holmes Jr. . Little, Brown and Company, Boston (1873). Edited by O.W. Holmes, Jr.; James Kent

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Songs of many seasons. James R. Osgood & Co., Boston (1875). 1862-1874

Holmes, Oliver Wendell . John Lothrop Motley. Houghton Osgood & Co., Boston (1879). A Memoir; First Edition; Large paper edition

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. The School-boy. Houghton, Osgood and Co, Boston (1879). Illustrated with 4 plates and 28 wood engravings (5 full page); First Published Edition

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Address Delivered at the Dedication of the Hall of the Boston Medical Library Association. Riverside Press, Cambridge (1881). with report of the Librarian by James R. Chadwick

Holmes , Oliver Wendell. The Common Law . Little Brown & Co., Boston (1881). First issue has a two-line printers imprint on title page verso repeated with ampersand on page 42

Holmes, Oliver Wendell . The Complete Breakfast Table series. David Douglas, Edinburgh (1885). The Professor, The Poet, and The Autocrat (2 vol each); 6 volumes

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. The Last Leaf . Houghton Mifflin & Co., Cambridge (1886). Illustrated by George Wharton Edwards and f. Hopkinson smith; Edition includes a Limited Edition of 100 large-paper, numbered and signed copies

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Our Hundred Days in Europe. Houghton, Mifflin and Company, Boston (1887). US Edition

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Our hundred days in Europe. . Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, London (1887). First UK Edition (printed before the US edition)

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Over the Teacups. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston (1891). multiple printings; continuation of the 'Breakfast Table' series

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Speeches . Little, Brown, and Company, Boston (1891). Collection of 11 speeches

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Breakfast Table series. Haughton, Mifflin and Co., New York (1891). 4 volumes; The Autocrat The Professor, The Poet, and Over the Teacups

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. . Breakfast Table series. Haughton, Mifflin and Co., New York (1891). 8 volumes; The Autocrat The Professor, The Poet, and Over the Teacups

Holmes,Oliver Wendell . The Writings of Oliver Wendell Holmes . Houghton & Co.: The Riverside Press, Cambridge (1891). 13 volumes in 16 parts; Riverside Edition; "The Autocrat of the Breakfast-table," "The Professor of the Breakfast-table," "The Poet at the Breakfast-table; "Over the Teacups,"; "Elsie Venner; "The Guardian Angel,"; "A Mortal Antipathy;"; "Pages from an Old Volume of life; a collection of Essays, 1857-1881,"; "Medical Essays, 1842-1882," "Our Hundred Days in Europe," "The Poetical Works," "Life and Letters, (by John T. Morse, Jr.)"; "Ralph Waldo Emerson; John Lothrop Motley,"

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. The Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes . Houghton Mifflin & Co, Boston (1892). Deluxe Artist Edition; 750 numbered copies; 30 volumes

Holmes, Oliver Wendell . The Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes. Houghton Mifflin & Co, Boston (1892). 15 volumes; The Works in 13 volumes, The life and Letters of O.W. Holmes in 2 volumes; a Limited Large-paper Edition of 250 numbered copies

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. Dorothy Q. Houghton, Mifflin and Co., Boston (1893). Illustrated with B&W plates by Howard Pyle; Together with A Ballad of the Boston Tea Party and Grandmothers Story of Bunker Hill Battle; first state edition p50:8 flashed later changed to clashed".

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. The Autocart of the Breakfast-Table. . Houghton & Co.: The Riverside Press, Cambridge (1894). illustrated with 15 full page photogravure plates and illustrations through the text by Howard Pyle; Limited edition of 250 numbered copies on large paper; trade edition; 2 volumes

Holmes, Oliver Wendell . Speeches . Little, Brown, and Company, Boston (1900).

Holmes, Oliver Wendell . The Complete Writings of Oliver Wendell Holmes. Houghton Mifflin, Boston (1904). Autrocrat Edition; 13 volumes

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. The One Hoss Shay. Houghton, Mifflin and Company, Boston (1905). with Its Companion Poems; Illustrated by Howard Pyle with 13 plates and text illustrations; Companion Poems: The Deacons Masterpiece, a Logical Story/ How the Old Horse Won the Bet/ The Brromstick Train, or The Return of the Witches,

Holmes, Oliver Wendell. The Dissenting Opinions Of Mr. Justice Holmes. . Vanguard, New York (1929). Arranged and with Introductory notes by Alfred Lief; Foreword by Kirchwey