Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books

Gay, John

Gay, John . The Wife of Bath. London (1713). A Comedy; As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, by Her Majestys Servants.

Gay, John . Fan . London (1714). A poem; In three books

Gay, John . The shepherds week. London (1714). In six pastorals; including an engraved frontispiece and six other plates

Gay, John. Trivia. Bernard Lintott, London (1716). or, The Art of Walking the Streets of London. By Mr. Gay; First edition 250 copies; with a vignette title and 3 engraved vignette head-pieces; with the engraved head-piece on p. 1 (the "Street Scene") and elaborate engraved ornaments at the beginning of Book II (p. 21) and Book III (p. 53)

Gay, John . Two epistles . Bernard Lintott, London (1717). One, to the Right Honourable Richard Earl of Burlington; The Other, to a Lady. Poetic letters to Richard Boyle, the third Earl of Burlington and Princess Caroline.

Gay, John . Poems on Several Occasions. Jacob Tonson, London (1720). 2 vols; titles printed in red and black; engraved frontispiece by William Kent and full-page plates to The Shepherds Week and Dione (offset); The first collected edition of Gays poetry, published by subscription to clear his debts.

Gay, John . A panegyrical epistle to Mr. Thomas Snow, goldsmith, near Temple-Barr . London (1721).

Gay, John . Fables . London (1727). Invented for the Amusement of His Highness William, Duke of Cumberland; Engraving to title page by P. Simms .

Gay, John . Fables. Tonson and Watts., London (1728). illustrated with 50 fine copper engraved plates by I. Wootton and W. Kent

Gay, John . The Beggars Opera . Printed for John Watts, London (1728). As Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Lincolns-Inn-Fields; The Second Edition: To Which is Added The Ouverture in Score; And the Musick prefixd to each Song.

Gay, John . Polly. Printed for Jeffrey Walker, London (1729). An Opera; Being the Second Part of the Beggars Opera; 4 page preface dated March 25, 1729; Prologue by Mr. Fielding

Gay, John . The Beggars Opera. John Watts, London (1729). As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Lincolns-Inn Fields; The Third edition: with the Ouverture in Score, the Songs, and the Basses, (The Ouverture and Basses composd by Dr. Pepusch) curiously engravd on Copper Plates / Polly An Opera Being the Second Part of The Beggars Opera 2nd edition London 1742

Gay, John . Poems on several occasions . London (1732). Includes 2 plates by William Kent; 2 volumes.

Gay, John. ACHILLES. Printed for J. Watts, London (1733). AN OPERA; As it is Performd at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden.

Gay, John . Fables. J. Tonson & J. Watts, London (1733). By the Late Mr. Gay; engraved title and engraved illustrations throughout within the text; The second volume with engraved frontispiece, engraved title-page portrait vignette and 16 engraved plates; 50 short poems (another 17 were added in later editions); Two volumes

Gay, John . The Beggars Opera. John Watts., London (1735). As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Lincolns-inn-fields; The Third Edition: To Which is Added The Ouverture in Score; and the Musick Prefixd to Each Song

Gay, John . Poems on Several Occasions . H. Lintot and J. and R. Tonson, London (1737). 2 volumes; Engraved frontispiece with "M. Gays Poems 1731" pictured on shield, by P. Fourdrinier; engraved chapter and tail pieces.

Gay, John . The Distress'd Wife. Printed for Thomas Astley, London (1743). A Comedy; By the Late Mr. Gay; Bookplate of Robert Hoe, Helen Hay Whitney & Joan Whitney. Gay's final play.

Gay, John . Poems on Several Occasions. H Lintot. J and R Tonson and S Draper, London (1745). 2 volumes; Illustrated with a series of engraved plates after P. Fourdrinier and complete with head and tail-piece vignettes to each section.

Gay, John . Fables. Tonson & Watts, London (1753). 2 volumes

Gay, John . Fables. C. Hitch and L. Hawes, London (1757). two volumes; Frontispiece and title page engraved by G. Scotin and 66 engravings by Van der Gucht after William Kent, I. Wootten and Gravelot as well as numerous woodcut tailpieces

Gay, John . Plays. J. & R. Tonson, London (1760). Written by Mr John Gay viz; The Captives, a Tragedy, The Beggars Opera, Polly, or, the Second Part of the Beggars Opera, Achilles, an Opera, The Distressd Wife, a Comedy, The Rehearsal at Goatham, a Farce to which is added an Account of the Life

Gay, John. Poems on Several Occasions. Printed For J. Tonson And B. Linton, London (1762). 2 volumes; 8 engraved plates, 3 by F.Foudrinire (incl. 2 fronti.) & 5 by Isaac Taylor after drawings by L. du Guernier.

Gay, John. The Beggars Opera . Strahan,Lowndes,Caslon,Griffin., London (1771). The engraved device of theatrical masks & musical instruments on the title page is by George Romney

Gay, John . FABLES. London (1775).

Gay, John . Fables. W. Osborne & T. Griffin, London (1782). PART 1. contains 50 fables with 50 accompanying wood cuts and a frontispiece; PART 2 contains a further 16 fables with 16 accompanying wood cuts

Gay, John . FABLES. Privately printed, London (1792). wood-engraved frontispiece and a profusion of wood-engraved illustrations to each chapter heading

GAY, JOHN. . Fables by John Gay. John Stockdale, London (1793). With a Life of the Author and embellished with Seventy Plates. Together with: The Fables of Aesop. With a Life of the Author and Embellished with one Hundred and Twelve Plates; illustrated with an engraved title-page and engravings by various artists, including William Blake, who freely adapted his twelve illustrations from earlier editions.

Gay, John . Fables . Sammer, Vienna (1799).

Gay, John . Fables. Printed for Ant. Aug. Renouard, Paris (1802). by John Gay amd by Edward Moore, to which is added Grays Elegy written in a country church-yard; 3 volumes; also contains Fables for the Female Sex, by Edward Moore, and Tome Deuxieme of Le Magasin Des Adolsescents ou Dialogues Entre Une Sage Gouvernantz Et Ses Eleves.

Gay, John . Beggar's Opera . William Heinemann, London (1921). To which is Prefixed the Musick to each Song; 430 copies on hand-made paper; 8 costume designs in full color, tipped onto blue paper, other decorations and textual art

Wright, W.H. Kearley. Biography and the Fables . Frederick Warne & Co, London (1923). Biography Edited by the late W.H. Kearley Wright; Illustrated with 68 Wood Engravings from drawings by William Harvey; 250 numbered copies; Concludes with Prefatory Note to the Bibliography and Chronological List of the Editions of the Fables, and of the Works Containing the Fables.

Gay, John . Polly. William Heinemann, London (1923). an Opera; Being the Second Part of the Beggars Opera; 350 copies; 9 full page color drawings by William Nicholson.

Gay, John . Rural Sports . William Edwin Rudge, New York (1930). together with the Birth of the Squire and the Hound and the Huntsman; 225 copies; Signed frontis by Gordon Ross; Five Illustrations colored by Gordon Ross

Gay, John . The poetical, dramatic, and miscellaneous works. Ams Press, New York (1970). With Dr.Johnson's biographical and critical Preface; 6 vols.

Dearing ,Vinton A. John Gay. Clarendon Press, Oxford (1974). 2 volumes; Poetry and Prose; Edited by Vinton A Dearing with the Assistance of Charles E. Beckwith.