Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books

Dunning, John

Dunning, John . The Holland Suggestions . Bobbs-Merill (1975). Dunning'S First Novel

Dunning, John . Tune in Yesterday . Prentice Hall (1976). The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Old-Time Radio, 1925-1976; First Book Of Dunning'S In Hardcover

Dunning, John . Denver . Times Books (1980).

DUNNING, John . Booked to Die . Charles Scribner's Sons (1992). A Mystery Introducing Cliff Janeway; Number Sequence On Copyright Page 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Dunning, John . Bookscout . James Cahill Publishing (1994). Included In Ten Stories; Limited Edition Of 250 Signed By All Contributors; Ten Stories By Neal Barrett, Jr., Andre Dubus, John Dunning, Harlan Ellison, Wendy Hornsby, Joe R. Lansdale, Richard Laymon, Lucius Shepard, Andrew Vachss, And Roger Zelazny With A Foreword By Lawrence Bloch And Introduction By Poppy Z. Brite.

Dunning, John . Dreamer . James Cahill, Huntington Beach, CA (1995). Deluxe Issue Of 26 Lettered Copies Signed By Author; Limited Issue Of 100 Numbered Copies Signed By Author

Dunning, John. Deadline. James Cahill, Huntington Beach, CA (1995). First Hardcover Issued In The Us; 200 Numbered Copies Signed By Author

Dunning, John. . The Bookmans Wake. . Charles Scribners Sons (1995). A Mystery With Cliff Janeway; Sequel To 'Booked To Die'

Dunning, John . Two OClock Eastern Wartime . Santa Teresa Press, Santa Barbara (2001). Authors Manuscript Edition Of 100 Numbered Copies, Signed By The Author; Deluxe Edition Of 26 Lettered Copies; Includes A Page Of The Author'S Original Working Manuscript With Handwritten Notes

Dunning, John . Two OClock, Eastern Wartime . Scribner (2001). Anti-Limited Fingerprint Edition; 2500 Copies; Includes Signature And Fingerprint Of Author.