Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books

James, Henry

Although Henry James spent most of his writing career in Britain, he was revered as an American writer and a key figure of 19th-century literary realism.  His ability to relate to consciousness and perception set him apart from the writers of his time.  James admired realism in literature as well as an imaginative take on bona fide life situations.

Although James has a number of successful novels, short stories and other literary content, The Portrait of a Lady (1881)is his most popular and most coveted first edition literary work.  The most valuable copies of this work are the first English edition with only 750 copies printed. First English edition (Macmillan, London, 1881) copies were sold by Christie’s for $10,925 in 1995 and for $21,600 in 2007. Sotheby also sold a first English edition for $22,800 in 2005.

James, Henry . Passionate pilgrim . James & Osgood, Boston (1875). and Other Tales; "James Osgood" on spine foot; 1510 copies in first edition.

James, Henry . Transatlantic Sketches. James R. Osgood and Company, Boston (1875). 1500 copies.

James, Henry . Roderick Hudson. James R. Osgood, Boston (1876). 1500 copies.

James, Henry Jr. The American . James Osgood, Boston (1877). 1st state with the James Osgood imprint on the base of the spine

James, Henry Jr. French Poets and Novelists . Macmillan, London (1878). 1250 copies.

James, Henry . Watch and Ward. Houghton Osgood, Boston (1878). Total 1000 copies; 780 first impression copies.

James, Henry . Daisy Miller. Harper and Brothers, New York (1879). A Study; An International Episode; Four Meetings; Two Volumes; 250 copies.

James, Henry . Hawthorne. MacMillan and Co, London (1879). Issued as part of the English Men of Letters series

James, Henry . The Europeans. Houghton, Osgood and Co., Boston (1879). A Sketch; First edition 2000 copies.

James, Henry. Confidence. Houghton, Osgood and Company, Boston (1880). First issue with the Houghton, Osgood & Co. imprint at the foot of the spine, and textual errors on p. 171, line 9: "like me call" (for "like me to call"), p. 323, line 7: "to place, as" (for "to place it, as"), and p. 345, line 1: "chance" (for "change"); 1500 copies.

James, Henry . Hawthorne. Harper & Brothers, New York (1880). First American edition.

James, Henry. The Portrait of a Lady. Macmillan, London (1881). Three-volume Set; 750 copies.

James, Henry . WASHINGTON SQUARE. Macmillan and Co., London (1881). THE PENSION BEAUREPAS; A BUNDLE OF LETTERS; Frontispiece and five additional full page plates plus additional drawings at chapter headings by George Du Maurier; Two volumes; First issue 500 copies.

James, Henry . The Portrait of a Lady . Houghton Mifflin, Boston (1882).

James, Henry. Portraits of Places. Macmillan and Co., London (1883). first issue in primary binding of blue-green smooth clothwith "JAMES" in uniform letters on spine; 1000 copies.

James, Henry . Portraits of Places. James R. Osgood, Boston (1884). 1500 copies printed. First American edition.

James, Henry . Tales of Three Cities. Macmillan, London (1884). 1500 copies printed. First U.K. edition, published a month after the American and with the stories in a different order.

James, Henry . A Little Tour In France . James R. Osgood and Co., Boston (1885). First printing consisting of 1,500 copies; First binding with Osgood imprint.

James, Henry . STORIES REVIVED. Macmillan, London (1885). Second Series: A Passionate Pilgrim; 500 copies; 3 volumes; This set contains: The Author of Beltraffio, Pandora, The Path of Duty, A Light Man, A Day of Days, Georginas Reasons, A Passionate Pilgrim, A Landscape-Painter, Rose-Agathe, Poor Richard, The Last of the Valerii, Master Eustace, The Romance of Certain Old Clothes, and A most Extraordinary Case.

James, Henry . The Bostonians. Macmillan and Co., London and New York (1886). A Novel; with Autograph Letter to Mrs. Stowe, Possibly Harriet Beecher Stowe; The initial three volume edition was printed in 500 copies in February 1886, with an identical second printing with 100 copies.

James, Henry . The Portrait of a Lady . Macmillan and Co., London (1886). 3 volume.

James, Henry . The Princess Casamassima. MacMillan and Co, London (1886). A Novel; 3 volumes; 750 copies.

James, Henry . Works of Henry James. Macmillan, London (1886). 14 volumes in seven; The Portrait of a Lady (3 vols); Roderick Hudson (2 vols); The American (2 vols); Washington Square; The Europeans; Confidence; The Siege of London; An International Episode; Daisy Miller (with Four Meetings, Longstaffs Marriage, Benvolio); The Madonna of the Future (with A Bundle of Letters, The Diary of a Man of Fifty, Eugene Pickering).

James, Henry . The Aspern Papers. Macmillan and Co., New York (1888). Three tales; Louisa Pallant; The Modern Warning.

James, Henry. The Reverberator. Macmillan and Co., London and New York (1888). Two Volumes Bound in One; Limited edition 500 copies.

James, Henry . A London Life . MacMillan, London and New York (1889). Patagonia The Liar Mrs. Temperly.

James, Henry . The Tragic Muse. Macmillan, London (1890). 2 VOLUME SET; 1000 copies.

James, Henry . Daisy Miller & An International Episode . Harper & Brothers, New York (1892). 250 copies; Color frontispiece and marginal illustrations by Harry W. McVickar

James, Henry. The Lesson of the Master. MacMillan and Co, London and New York (1892). The Marriages; The Pupil; Brooksmith; The Solution; Sir Edmund Orme; 2900 copies.

James, Henry . The Private Life. Harper & Brothers, New York (1893). Lord Beaupre; The Visits; 1000 copies.

James, Henry . The Real Thing. Macmillan, New York (1893). And Other Tales; 1500 copies; This collection of five stories includes two borderline supernatural tales; "Sir Dominick Ferrand" and "Nona Vincent."

James, Henry . The Wheel of Time. Harper & Brothers, New York (1893).

JAMES, Henry. . Theatricals. Two Comedies Tenants Disengaged. . Osgood, McIvaine & Co., London (1894). Two Comedies Tenents, Disengaged, The Album, The Reprobate; Four plays by Henry James; the first edition consisted 1010 copies; 550 were exported for the U.S. edition

James, Henry . Theatricals. Harper & Brothers, New York (1894).

JAMES, HENRY. . Terminations . Heinemann, London (1895).

James, Henry . Terminations . Harper & Brothers, New York (1895). The Death of the Lion, The Coxon Fund, The Middle Years, The Altar of the Dead

James, Henry . Theatricals. Harper & Brothrs, New York (1895). Second Series; The Album; The Reprobate; In total there were 1010 copies of the English edition, 550 copies which were sent to the U.S

James, Henry . Embarrassments . MacMillan Company, New York (1896).

James, Henry . The Other House. William Heinemann, London (1896). Two volumes; 600 copies.

James, Henry . The Spoils of Poynton . Heinemann, London (1897).

James, Henry . The Spoils of Poynton . Houghton Mifflin, Boston (1897). 1554 copies were bound in February of 1897 and a second printing consist 508 copies was bound after March 27, 1897.

James, Henry . What Maisie Knew . Herbert S. Stone, Chicago & New York (1897).

James, Henry . What Masie Knew . William Heinemann, London (1897).

James, Henry. . In the Cage. . Herbert S. Stone, Chicago & NY (1898).

James, Henry. In The Cage. Duckworth and Co, London (1898). 1500 copies printed.

James, Henry . The Two Magics. William Heinemann, London (1898). The Turn of the Screw; Covering End; 1500 copies printed

James, Henry . The Two Magics. MacMillan Company, New York (1898).

James, Henry . The Awkward Age . William Heinemann, London (1899).

James, Henry . The Awkward Age . Harper & Brothers, New York (1899). 1000 copies

Henry James . A Little Tour in France . Houghton, Mifflin and Company, Boston and NY (1900).

James, Henry . A Little Tour of France. William Heinemann, London (1900). With ninety-four illustrations by Joseph Pennell; Limited edition 150 copies on vellum.

James, Henry . The Soft Side . Methuen & Co, London (1900). 3000 copies printed.

James, Henry . The Sacred Fount. Methuen, London (1901). The first issue, with the ads dated 1900

JAMES, Henry. . The Wings of the Dove. . Archibald Constable and Company Ltd. London (1902). First UK edition, bound by Bayntun Riviere of Bath.

James, Henry . The Wings of the Dove. Scribners, New York (1902). 2 volumes

Henry James . The Ambassadors . Methuen, London (1903).

James, Henry. The Ambassadors. Harper and Brothers Publishers, New York (1903). 4000 copies.

Henry James . The Better Sort . Charles Scribners Sons , NY (1903).

James, Henry . The Better Sort . Methuen & Co, London (1903). First edition, simultaneous with the American.

JAMES, Henry. . William Wetmore Story and His Friends From Letters, Diaries , and Recollections. . Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston (1903). First US edition from English sheets.

James, Henry . William Wetmore Story and His Friends. William Blackwood and Sons, London (1903). from letters, diaries, and recollections;complete two volume set

James, Henry . The Golden Bowl. Charles Scribners Sons, New York (1904). 2 volumes

JAMES, Henry. . English Hours. . Heinemann, London. (1905). Published ten days before the U.S. edition.

James, Henry . English Hours. Houghton Mifflin, Boston (1905). 400 copies in limited edition; Designed by Bruce Rogers and illustrated by Joseph Pennell

James, Henry . The Golden Bowl . Methuen, London (1905). forty-page publishers catalogue at the rear dated February 1905.

James, Henry . The Question of Our Speech. Houghton Mifflin, Boston (1905). The Lesson of Balzac - Two Lectures

JAMES, Henry. . The American Scene. . Chapman and Hall, London (1907).

James, Henry. The American Scene. Harper and Brother, New York (1907).

James, Henry. The Portrait of a Lady. Scribner, New York (1907). Each volume has a photogravure frontispiece by Alvin Langdon Coburn; 2 volumes; 156 copies.

James, Henry . VIEWS AND REVIEWS . The Ball Publishing Co., Boston (1908). Limited edition 1000 copies; Introduction by LeRoy Phillips

James, Henry . Italian Hours. Houghton Mifflin Company, New York (1909). Frontis and 31 color plates By Joseph Pennell.

James, Henry . Julia Bride . Harper & Brothers, New Yorkand London (1909). Illustrated with four plates; First state with serif lettering for the publishers imprint on the spine

JAMES, Henry. . The Finer Grain. . Methuen & Co. Ltd., London (1910).

James, Henry . The Finer Grain . Charles Scribners Sons, New York (1910).

JAMES, Henry. . The Outcry. . Methuen & Co., London (1911). First edition, colonial issue with "Methuens Colonial Library" at foot of the spine and on the e/papers and with "Colonial Edition" on the titlepage.

James, Henry . The Outcry. Charles Scribners Sons, New York (1911). First US edition

James, Henry . A Small Boy and Others . Charles Scribners Sons, New York (1913).

James, Henry . A Small Boy and Others . MacMillan and Co, London (1913). An autobiography covering the autho'rs earliest years.

James, Henry . Notes of a Son and Brother. Macmillan and Co, London (1914). 1250 copies

James, Henry . The American Volunteer Motor-Ambulance Corps in France . Macmillan & Co, London (1914). A Letter to the Editor of an American Journal; 2000 copies printed.

James, Henry . The Ivory Tower . W. Collins and Sons, Ltd., London (1917).

James, Henry . The Ivory Tower . Charles Scribners Sons, New York (1917).

Henry James . The Middle Years . W. Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. (1917). First English Edition, which precedes the first American by more than one month.

James, Henry . The Middle Years . Charles Scribners Sons, New York (1917). Tissue-guarded frontispiece from a portrait by William Rothenstein; Bookplate on front pastedown designed by Thomas Sturge Moore; 1300 copies printed.

James, Henry . The Sense of the Past . W. Collins Sons & Co. Ltd., London (1917). Portrait photograph by A. L. Coburn; Edited by Percy Lubbock; 2000 copies.

James, Henry . Gabrielle de Bergerac . Boni and Liveright, New York (1918).

James, Henry . Within the Rim and Other Essays 1914-15 . W Collins Sons & Co Ltd, London (1918).

James, Henry . A Landscape Painter . Scott and Seltzer, New York (1919). 2000 copies; 250 copies in special issue.

James, Henry . The Letters of Henry James . Macmillan Co, London (1920). 2 volumes; 1500 copies.

James, Henry . The Letters Of William James. Atlantic Monthly Press, Boston (1920). Edited By His Son Henry James; Volume 1 of a 2 volume set; Includes laid in Photographic Portrait of William James taken by Alice Boughton.

James, Henry . The Novels and Tales. Charles Scribners Sons, New York (1922). 28 volumes; Together with The Letters of Henry James; Frontispiece portrait of Henry James to volume I, and photographic frontispiece to other volumes

James, Henry. A MOST UNHOLY TRADE. Scarab Press, Cambridge (1923). BEING LETTERS ON THE DRAMA BY HENRY JAMES; Cover illustration by Waldo Murray who has also engraved, after a drawing by John Singer Sargent, the frontispiece portrait of Henry James; 100 copies printed.

James, Henry. The Art of the Novel. Charles Scribners Sons, New York (1934). Critical Prefaces; Blackmur, Richard P. (Introduction)

James, Henry . The Turn of the Screw . Hand and Flower Press, London (1940). designed by Erica Marx; 200 copies; with seven illustrations in black and white by Mariette Lydis

James, Henry . Complete Tales. J.B. Lippincott Co, Philadelphia (1962). Edited, With Introductions, By Leon Edel; 12 volumes

James, Henry . The Beast in the Jungle. Allen Press., Kentfield (1963). A Psychological Novel; A Prefatory Note by Clifton Fadiman; Illustrated with 16 woodcuts by Blair Hughes-Stanton; 130 copies.

James, Henry . Winchelsea, Rye, & Denis Duval . Previous Parrot Press, Oxford (1991). an introduction by Alan Tucker and illustrations by Rigby Graham; Limited printed run 192 copies; 32 special copies; many illustrations by Rigby Graham

James, Henry. Portrait of a Lady. Propaganda Films, Hollywood (1995). Jones, Laura (screenwriter).

James, Henry. Ape and Cat. Arion Press, San Francisco (1997). and The Madonna of the Future; accordion-fold album of 18 photogravures by Jim Dine, and The Madonna of the Future by Henry James, with an introduction by Arthur C. Danto and one photogravure by Dine and one tipped-in photograph; 26 lettered copies.

James, Henry. The Madonna of the Future . Arion Press, San Francisco (1997). 250 copies printed; Jim Dine contributes a photogravure and one tipped in photograph to this edition of James story; Arthur C. Danto has written an introductory essay on the story

James, Henry . Siena. Red Angel Press, Maine (2000). 100 copies printed; Colored woodcut illustrations by Ronald Keller