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Greene, Graham

Henry Graham Greene was an English writer and playwright. Unlike other authors, Greene also dabbled as a literary critic. Greene is distinguished for his ability to associate serious literary acclaim with current trends and popular ideals.Greene suffered from bipolar disorder, which had a profound effect on his writing and personal life.Many revered Greene’s writing. He was nominated for, butnever received, the Nobel Prize in Literature although he finished runner-up to Ivo Andrić in 1961.Greene’s work in political and religious factions always depict negative decline, whether in terms of government, relationships or in his many thrillers.

Greene’s work can be collected in many different arenas including auction houses, rare book libraries and collectors’ sites.  A signed limited first edition version of The Bear Fell Free (London: Grayson & Grayson, 1935), withunnumbered pages, brown cloth and dust jacket can be found amongst the archives of Heritage Auctions. This item sold for $567.63 in October of 2007.

Greene’s other works such as Gun for Hire(1942) is also making its claim as a collectible work.  Although first edition copies are hard to come by, later edition copies, inscribed by the movie-star counterpart, actor Alan Ladd, have been found on several sites including Heritage Auctions and

Greene, Graham . Oxford Poetry 1924 . D. Appleton and Company., New York (1925). (Contributor) Thomson, David Cleghorn. Bateson, F.W. (Editor); Includes Greene's poems "Stepping Stones" and "Apologia", his first appearance in print in America.

Greene, Graham . The Man Within . William Heinemann, London (1929).

Greene, Graham. The Name of Action . William Heinemann, London (1930). First UK edition

Greene, Graham . RUMOUR AT NIGHTFALL . Heinemann, London (1931).

Greene , Graham . The Name of Action . Doubleday. New York (1931). 1000 copies printed in U.S.

Greene, Graham . Stamboul Train . William Heinemann, London (1932).

Greene, Graham. It's A Battlefield. William Heinemann, London (1934). First Edition, First Printing ("First Edition" stated to copyright page).

Greene, Graham. England Made Me. Doubleday, New York (1935). First American edition.

Greene, Graham . The Basement Room. Cresset Press, London (1935). And Other Stories; first issue green cloth binding.

Greene, Graham . A Gun For Sale. William Heinemann, London (1936). An Entertainment; Published as A Gun For Hire in America.

Greene, Graham. Journey Without Maps. Doubleday, Doran & Company, New York (1936). First Edition; With matching dates of 1936 on the title and copyright pages, and with the statement "First Edition" at the bottom of the copyright page; 2200 copies.

Greene, Graham . This Gun For Hire . Doubleday, Doran & Co. New York (1936). Stated first edition.

Greene, Graham . Garbo And The Nightwatchmen. Jonathan Cape, London (1937). A Selection from the Writings of British and American Film Critics, Assembled and Edited by Alistair Cooke; Contributors include Robert Herring, Don Herold, John Marks, Meyer Levin, Alistair Cooke, Robert Forsythe, Graham Greene, Otis Ferguson and Cecelia Ager.

Greene, Graham: . BRIGHTON ROCK. Viking, NY (1938). First true edition, published the month prior to the British edition.

Greene, Graham . Brighton Rock. William Heinemann Ltd., London (1938). An Entertainment; First UK edition

COUSINS, Sheila. TO BEG I AM ASHAMED. The Obelisk Press, Paris (1938). Greene, Graham; Ronald Mathews

Greene, Graham . Another Mexico . Viking, New York (1939). 2000 copies; Illustrated with numerous photographs

Greene, Graham . The Confidential Agent. Viking Press, New York (1939).

Greene, Graham . The Lawless Roads. Longmans, London (1939). A Mexican Journey; B/w frontispiece and nine other b/w photo illusts.

Greene, Graham . The Labyrinthine Ways. Viking Press, New York (1940). first edition, first issue, with pages 165/6 transposed; 3500 copies.

Greene, Graham . The Power and the Glory . William Heinemann, London (1940).

Greene, Graham . Ministry of Fear . Viking, New York (1941). First American edition. Only 4000 copies were issued

Greene, Graham . The Ministry of Fear. William Heinemann Ltd, London (1943).

Greene, Graham . The Power and the Glory . Viking, New York (1946). A New Edition, Under Its Original English Title, of the Novel First Published in America as The Labyrinthine Ways

Greene, Graham . Nineteen Stories. Heinemann, London (1947). collection of short stories; includes The Basement Room and A Chance For Mr.Lever

Graham Greene . The Heart of the Matter . The Viking Press, New York (1948). 750 copies "specially bound for distribution to friends of the Viking Press"

Greene, Graham. The Heart of the Matter. William Heinemann, London (1948). First Edition indicated on copyright page, which states "First Published 1948."

Greene, Graham. Why Do I Write? . Percival Marshall, London (1948). An Exchange of Views Between Elizabeth Bowen, Graham Greene and V.S. Pritchett. With a Preface by V.S. Pritchett; 1300 copies.

Greene, Graham. Nineteen Stories. Viking Press, New York (1949). 3500 copies printed; The nineteen stories were written between 1929 and 1941; Eight of them were collected earlier in THE BASEMENT ROOM AND OTHER STORIES; Includes crime and horror fiction ("The End of the Party," "A Drive in the Country," "A Little Place Off the Edgware Road" and others).

Greene, Graham. Le Troisime Homme & Premire Dsillusion. Robert Laffont, Paris (1950). Nouvelles traduites de langlais par Marcelle Sibon; with 12 photographic plates, stills from movie; 270 copies

Greene, Graham. The Third Man. Viking Press, New York (1950). THE STORY FOR THE MOTION PICTURE BY GRAHAM GREENE

Greene, Graham . The Lawless Roads . Eyre & Spottiswoode, U.K (1950).

Greene, Graham. The Little Fire Engine. Max Parrish & Co. Ltd, London (1950). Illustrated by Dorothy Craigie. This is the second of two children s books by Graham Greene. The first - The Little Train - was published under the name of its illustrator Dorothy Craigie.

Greene, Graham. . The Third Man . Viking, New York (1950). Precedes the U.K. version.

Greene, Graham . The Third Man. William Heinemann, London (1950). And, The Fallen Idol; Contains the original version of "The Third Man" which, according to the author's preface was never written to be read but only to be seen.

Greene, Graham . The End of the Affair . William Heinemann Ltd., London (1951). First UK edition

Greene, Graham . THE LOST CHILDHOOD. Eyre & Spottiswoode, London (1951). and Other Stories; Authors includes Henry James, Charles Dickens, Walter de la Mare, John Buchan, Beatrix Potter and others.

Greene, Graham . The Little Horse Bus. Max Parrish, London (1952). Illustrated by Dorothy Craigie. The third of four Greene-Craigie childrens books.

Greene, Graham . The Little Steamroller. Max Parrish, London (1953). A Story of Adventure, Mystery and Detection; Illustrated by Dorothy Craigie. One of the four very uncommon Graham Greene childrens adventures.

Greene, Graham. The Living Room. William Heinemann., London (1953). A Play in Two Acts. Greene's first play.

Greene, Graham . Loser Takes All. William Heinemann, London (1955). Dust jacket art by Stevens

Greene, Graham . The Quiet American . William Heinemann (1956). red promotional band (Book Society Choice & Daily Mail Book of the Month).

Greene, Graham. UN AMERICAIN BIEN TRANQUILLE . Robert Laffont, Paris (1956). The Quiet American; 100 numbered copies. First French language edition.

Greene, Graham. The Potting Shed. Viking, New York (1957). a play in three acts

Greene, Graham. Our Man in Havana. Heinemann, London (1958). An Entertainment; Wrapper design by Donald Green.

Greene, Graham. The Potting Shed. Heinemann (1958). A Play

Greene, Graham . A Visit to Morin . William Heinemann Ltd., London (1959). 250 copies printed for private distribution.

Greene, Graham . The Complaisant Lover . Heinemann, london (1959). A Comedy; First English edition, first printing. His third play. Orginally presented at the Globe Theatre in London on June 18th, 1959 starring Ralph Richardson and Paul Scofield and produced by Sir John Gielgud.

Greene, Graham . La saison des pluies . Robert Laffont, Paris (1960). Traduit de langlais par Marcelle Sibon; 100 copies.

Greene, Graham. Utbrnd. Norstedt & Soner, Stockholm (1960). The true first edition of A BURNT-OUT CASE, translated by Torsten Blomkvist

Greene, Graham . A BURNT-OUT CASE. William Heinemann, London (1961). Dust jacket art by Lacey Everett

Greene, Graham . In Search of a Character. The Bodley Head, London (1961). Two African Journals

Greene, Graham . The Complaisant Lover. Viking Press, New York (1961). a comedy; First American edition

Greene, Graham . In Search of a Character. Viking Press, New York (1962). Two African Journals; 600 advanced copies specially designed for friends of the author and the publishers.

Greene, Graham . Introductions to Three Novels . P. A. Norstedt & Soners, Stockholm (1962). This title, with the text in English, was issued as "Norstedts Christmas Gift Book 1962"; no equivalent English or American editions

Greene, Graham . A Sense of Reality . The Bodley Head, London (1963). Four stories by the English master, including "A Visit to Morin," "Dream of a Strange Land," "A Discovery in the Woods," and the notable "Under the Garden,"

Greene, Graham . The Revenge. The Stellar Press, London (1963). An Autobiographical Fragment; 500 copies.

Greene, Graham. The Comedians. The Bodley Head, London. (1966). 500 copies "specially bound for presentation to friends of the author and the publishers in advance of publication"

Glover, Dorothy. Victorian Detective Fiction. Bodley Head, London (1966). A Catalogue of the Collection Made by Dorothy Glover & Graham Greene; Two page Preface by Graham Greene; Seven page Introduction by John Carter; 500 copies signed by Dorothy Glover, Graham Greene and John Carter.

GREENE, Graham. . May We Borrow Your Husband?. The Viking Press, New York (1967). And Other Comedies of the Sexual Life. First US edition, first printing, publishers presentation issue specially bound for Christmas. Includes inserted holiday greetings from Viking Press.

Greene, Graham. May We Borrow Your Husband?. Bodley Head, London (1967). And Other Comedies of the Sexual Life; 500 copies specially printed & bound copies, signed by the author.

Greene, Graham. Mr. Visconti. Stellar Press, London (1969). An Extract From "Travels With My Aunt" With a Drawing by Edward Ardizzone; 300 copies only for private distribution by the publisher, Christmas 1965.

Greene, Graham . Travels with My Aunt . Bodley Head, London (1969). First UK edition

Greene, Graham . A sort of Life . The Bodley Head, London (1971). First published 1971 stated on copyright page.

Greene, Graham . Une sorte de vie . Robert Laffont, Paris (1971). 20 numbered copies. French language edition.

Greene, Graham . The Virtue of Disloyalty . The Bodley Head/Stellar Press (1972). 300 copies.

Greene, Graham . The Honorary Consul . Bodley Head, Toronto (1973).

Greene, Graham . THE LITTLE STEAMROLLER . New York (1974). Illustrated by Edward Ardizzone.

Greene, Graham. The Return of A.J.Raffles . Bodley Head, London (1975). An Edwardian Comedy in Three Acts based somewhat loosely on E.W. Hornungs characters in THE AMATEUR CRACKSMAN. 250 copies signed by the author.

Greene, Graham. A Wedding Among the Owls. The Bodley Head, London (1977). An Extract from The Human Factor; 250 copies for private distribution by the author and publisher for Christmas 1977

Greene, Graham. The Human Factor . The Bodley Head, London. (1978). First edition, first state, with the head-and-ruff logo on the title-page

Greene, Graham . Doctor Fischer of Geneva. Bodley Head, London (1980). or The Bomb Party; First issue with "leave alone" on page 9; 500 copies signed by Greene.

Greene, Graham. HOW FATHER QUIXOTE BECAME A MONSIGNOR . Sylvester & Orphanos, Los Angeles (1980). Total 330 copies; 26 lettered copies; signed by Greene.

Greene, Graham . Ways of Escape . Lester & Orpen Dennys, Toronto (1980). Total 150 copies signed by Greene.

Greene, Graham . THE GREAT JOWETT. Bodley Head, London (1981). 525 copies signed by Greene.

Greene, Graham . The Works . Heron Books, London (1981). COLLECTED EDITION in 20 Volumes

Greene ,Graham . Monsignor Quixote . Simon and Schuster, New York (1982). 250 copies signed by Greene.

GIBSON, John Michael. A Bibliography of A. Conan Doyle . Clarendon Press, Oxford (1983). With Foreword By Graham Greene; illustrated (with a frontispiece portrait of Doyle)

Greene, Graham. A Quick Look Behind. Sylvester & Orphanos, Los Angeles (1983). footnotes to an autobiography; 300 numbered copies and 30 lettered copies signed by Greene.

Greene, Graham. One November Day in 1980. Bodley Head, London (1983). the other Graham Greene burst through his shadow; Being and Extract from The Other Man; 225 copies.

Greene, Graham . Yes and No . Eurographica (1983). 350 copies signed by Greene.

Greene, Graham . Yes and No and For Whom The Bell Chimes . Bodley Head, London (1983). 750 copies signed by Greene.

Greene, Graham . Getting to Know the General . Simon and Schuster, New York (1984). The Story of an Involvement; First UK edition; A memoir of Greenes association with Panamanian General Omar Torrijos

Greene, Graham. Yes and No. Eurographica, Helsinki (1984). A play in one act; total printing was 350 numbered and signed copies, plus an additional 12 copies, unsigned and unnumbered, for use of the author

Greene, Graham. The Monster of Capri. Eurographica, Helsinki (1985). 500 copies signed by Greene; A sequenced series of postcards (reproduced in the text) to Greene's 2 grandchildren.

Greene, Graham . The Tenth Man . Simon & Schuster, New York (1985).

Greene, Graham . The Third Man. Eurographica, Helsinki (1988). 500 copies, signed and dated "Antibes 87" by Greene.

Greene, Graham . Dear David, Gear Graham. Alembic Press and Amate Press, Oxford (1989). Low, David; A Bibliophilic Correspondence; 250 copies.

Greene, Graham . Reflections on Travels With My Aunt . Firsts & Company, New York (1989). 250 numbered copies on T.H. Saunders paper Signed by Greene. Printed by the Allenthaire and Grenfell Presses.

Greene, Graham . Why the Epigraph? . The Nonesuch Press, London (1989). 950 copies signed by Greene

Greene, Graham. A weed among the flowers . Sylvester & Orphanos, Los Angeles (1990). Afterword by Stephen Spender; Printed letterpress by Patrick Reagh on Arches paper; Total 300 numbered copies and 30 lettered copies signed by Greene and Spender.