Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books

Harte, Bret

Harte, Bret . Condensed Novels And Other Papers . G. W. Carleton & Co., New York (1867). Illustrated by Frank Belew

Harte, Bret. THE LOST GALLEON. Towne & Bacon, San Francisco (1867). And Other Tales; Engraved illustration by William Keith

Harte, Bret F. The Heathen Chinee. Western News, Chicago (1870). Consists of 9 loose cards, each illustrated by Joseph Hull

Harte, Bret . Poems . Fields, Osgood, & Co, Boston (1871). First Issue, with "S.T.K." on page 136. A Johnson "High Spot"; Frontispiece and 7 other comic drawings inserted; CONTENTS: San Francisco, from the sea ; The angelus ; The mountain hearts-ease ; Grizzly ; Madron?o ; Coyote ; To a sea-bird ; Her letter ; Dickens in camp ; What the engines said ; "The return of Belisarius" ; "Twenty years" ; Fate -- In dialect. "Jim" ; Chiquita ; Dows flat ; In the tunnel ; "Cicely" ; Penelope ; Plain language from truthful James ; The society upon the Stanislaus -- Poems from 1860 to 1868. John Burns of Gettysburg ; The tale of a pony ; The miracle of Padre Junipero ; An Arctic vision ; To the Pliocene skull ; The ballad of the Emeu ; The aged stranger ; "How are you, sanitary?" ; The reveille ; Our privilege ; Relieving guard -- Parodies. A geological madrigal ; The willows ; North Beach ; The lost tails of Miletus.

Harte, Bret . An Episode At Fiddletown. Routledge, London (1873). and Other Sketches; With a Memoir; Authors Copyright Edition.

Harte, Bret. . Tales of the Argonauts. James R. Osgood, Boston (1875). and Other Sketches.

Harte, Bret. . Excelsior. Donaldson Bros., New York (1877). Presented by Enoch Morgans Sons Co; The rear wrapper of this copy lists 14 depots, but copies exist with 10 listed (which likely precede), as well as 18 (which are later).

Harte, Bret . West Point Tic-Tacs. Homer Lee & Co., New York (1878). A Collection of Military Verse Together with the Special Poem Cadet Grey by Bret Harte; Illustrated by Thomas Nast and other artists.

Harte, Bret . ON THE FRONTIER . Longmans, Green, and Co., London (1884). 1. At The Mission of San Carmel. 2. A Blue Grass Penelope. 3. Left Out on Lone Star Mountain

Harte, Bret. The Queen of the Pirate Isle. Chatto & Windus, London (1886). Illustrated by Kate Greenaway; engraved and printed in colors by Edmund Evans. First Greenaway edition.

Harte, Bret . The Queen of Pirate Isle . Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston (1887). With color frontispiece and 27 color text illusrations by Kate Greenaway; Printed in colour by Edmund Evans

Harte, Bret . Cressy . Macmillan, London (1889). 2 volumes.

Harte, Bret . Heritage of Dedlow Marsh . Macmillan, London (1889). and Other Tales; 2 volumes; Four long stories with California settings

Harte, Bret . COLONEL STARBOTTLES CLIENT. Houghton, Mifflin, Boston (1892). and Some Other People.

Harte, Bret . IN A HOLLOW OF THE HILLS . Chapman & Hall, london (1895).

Harte, Bret . The Writings of Bret Harte. Houghton Mifflin & Co. Riverside Press, Boston (1896). 21 volumes; Photogravure frontispieces, vignette titles, and plates, after drawings and paintings by Frederic Remington, Alice Barber Stephens, W.L. Taylor, E. Boyd Smith, B. West Clinedinst, Mary Hallock Foote, and others, all on India paper mounted; Limited to 350 numbered copies, signed by the author and dated "Septem. 1896." in the first volume (The Life of Bret Harte is limited to 200 copies, unnumbered and unsigned); Each volume with at least one plate signed by the illustrator (the frontispiece of Volume V signed by Frederic Remington). Bret Harte (1836-1902); last volume is limited to 525 copies; first nineteen volumes, artists represented thus are Otto H. Bacher, Ethel I. Brown, J. M. Burns, B. West Clinedinst, T. de Thulstrup, Frederick Dielman, J. M. Flagg, Thomas Fogarty, Mary Hallock Foote (2), Malcolm Fraser (2), Arthur I. Keller (2), Orson Lowell (2), Frederick McCormick, Frank T. Merrill, Eric Pape, Frederic Remington, Guy Rose, E. Boyd Smith (3), Alice Barber Stephens (2), Seymour M. Stone, and W. L. Taylor.

Harte, Bret . The Writings of Bret Harte. Houghton Mifflin, Boston (1897). Autograph Edition; 21 volumes; 350 copies.

Harte, Bret . Stories in Light and Shadow. The Riverside Press, Boston (1898).

Harte, Bret . Mr. Jack Hamlins Mediation. Houghton, Mifflin and Co, Boston (1899). and Other Stories.

Harte, Bret . Trents Trust. Houghton Mifflin, Boston (1903).

Harte, Bret . The Writings of Bret Harte. Houghton Mifflin, Boston (1914). 20 volumes; 350 copies; #1 Luck of Roaring Camp Etc. #2 Tales of the Argonauts, #3 The Story of a Mine Etc., #4 In the Carquinez Woods Etc., #5 Maruja Etc., #6 Crusade of the Excelsior Etc., #7 Cressy Etc., #8 A First Family of Taslara Etc. #9 A Waif of the Plains Etc. #10 In the Hollow of the Hills Etc. #11 Tahnkful Blossom Etc. #12 Poems a Drama #13 & 14 Gabriel Conroy #15 Three Partners Etc. #16 Ancestors on Peter Atherim Etc. #18 A Treasure of the Redwoods Etc.

Harte, Bret. Sketches of the Sixties . John Howell, San Francisco (1927). Being forgotten material now collected for the first time from The Californian 1864-67; Title-page designed by Edwin Grabhorn; Introduction by John Howell; 250 copies; 20 uncollected sketches, condensed novels, essays and criticisms by Bret Harte, 18 uncollected pieces by Mark Twain.

Harte, Bret. The Luck of Roaring Camp . Haddon Craftsmen, Camden (1941). 3 colour plates; Illustrated with Wood-cuts by Paul Honor; An Introductory Note by Richard Ellis; 1250 copies.

Harte, Bret. Millionaire of Rough-and-Ready . L-D Allen Press., Kentfield (1955). Printed throughout in 3 colors; Handset Bulmer type printed on all-rag Rives paper from France; 220 copies.