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Book Club of California

Book Club of California

What bibliophile’s home would be replete without a membership order to a Book Club? For those that may think of Book Clubs as the lesser-regarded cousin of the library or the bookstore, then please think again. Whilst Book Clubs do encompass all manner of modern trade distributors, they also encompass such greats as the Folio Society, and the Book Clubs of California, and the Book Club of Texas, who produce very fine, limited-edition volumes, each lovingly made with the greatest attention to detail.

The Book Club of California started a little differently from many others (as you shall see), but they echoed many of the original book-clubs that sprang up in America post-Civil War. At that time, the acquisition of a book press and the production of books was then, as now, a prohibitively expensive act – and groups of interested bibliophiles pooled their resources and sought membership subscriptions from those interested in receiving the outcomes of their efforts. The Book Club of California started a little differently from the others in the 1890’s as a way to present an exhibition of fine book volumes at the ‘Panama-Pacific International Exposition’ (a cultural exhibition funded by the new transcontinental rail companies). The Book Club of California was a fabricated entity by the Mayor of San Francisco, the widely-respected printer John Henry Nash, and several leading local bibliovores – just as a front to allow them to get accepted at the ‘Exposition’! The Book Club of California failed to garner its table at the display, but afterward continued to stubbornly exist, and started to produce fine press books, from the turn of the twentieth century to the present day.

As a collector, the Book Club of California has featured some of the best of the early modern artists as well as some of the very finest printers throughout its 100-year history. One of the finest of works that it produced might well be the A Leaf From the First Edition of the First Complete Printed Coverdale Bible (reproduced by the press in 1974, to the exacting hand-printed standards as of the original; in this instance the ‘leaf’ is from the Book of Daniel IV-V). The craftsmanship of the work is such that, even its relatively ‘recent’ printing still does not harm its value at over $900.

If that is not to your liking, then consider instead a real piece of printing history: a 1918 edition of Clark Ashton Smith’s Odes and Sonnets, illustrated throughout and printed in different colours black, red, and green, only 300 copies ever made – and worth somewhere in the region of $500.

Markham, Edwin. The Man With The Hoe (With The Rare Photograph Of Millets Painting). Book Club of California (1916). Printed by John Nash; portrait & decoration by Ray F. Coyle; special edition was published with Markham 300 numbered limited edition

Sterling, George. Thirty-Five Sonnets.. Book Club of California (1917). 300 numbered copies printed by Taylor & Taylor.Decorations by Frederic W. Goudy.

Smith, Clark Ashton. Odes And Sonnets. Book Club of California (1918). 300 copies printed Decorative plates by Florence Lundborg

Burton, Richard F. The Kasidah. Book Club of California (1919). Couplets Of Haji Abdu El-Yezdi: A Lay Of The Higher Law. 500 copies Printed by John Henry Nash in San Francisco; Translated and annotated by F. B. (Sir Richard Burton).

Bierce, Ambrose. A Horseman In The Sky, A Watcher By The Dead, The Man And The Snake. Book Club of California (1920). 400 numbered copies printed by John Henry Nash

Williams, Samuel. The City Of The Golden Gate A Description Of San Francisco In 1875. Book Club of California (1921). 350 copies printed by Edwin Grabhorn for the Book Club.

Bierce, Ambrose. The Letters Of Ambrose Bierce. Book Club of California (1922). This limited edition of 415 copies contains 24 page introduction by Bertha Clark Pope Printed by John Henry Nash.

Jastrow, Morris. The Song Of Songs, Being Love Lyrics From Ancient Palestine. Book Club of California (1922). 310 copies Printed by Edwin & Robert Grabhorn in November, 1922. The decoration is by Harold von Schmidt and initials by Joseph Sinel.

Harte, Bret. Dickens In Camp.. Book Club of California (1923). Is The Tribute Bret Harte Paid To The Memory Of The Great English Novelist, And Many People Consider It The Californian’S Masterpiece In Verse. Springing From A Deep Admiration For The Works Of Dickens, Which Had Exercised A Profound Infl . 250 copies printed by John Henry Nash.

Weil, Oscar. Letters And Papers. Book Club of California (1923). Grabhorn Press. Limited to 400 copies.Frontispiece Portrait By Dorothea Lange.

Sterling, George. Continents End. Book Club of California (1925). An Anthology Of Contemporary California PoetsEdition Limited to 600 numbered copies. The renowned compendium of early 20th century California writers including, George Sterling, Maxwell Anderson, Mary Austin, Ina Coolbrith, Maynard Dixon, Robinson Jeffers, etc. Printed by John Henry Nash.

Vespucci, Amerigo. The Letter Of Amerigo Vespucci. Book Club of California (1926). Describing His Four Voyages To The New World, 1497-1504.Printed by Edwin and Robert Grabhorn for the

The Book Of Ruth. Book Club of California (1927). Two hundred fifty copies printed for the

Sterling, George. The Testimony Of The Suns. Book Club of California (1927). Including Comments, Suggestions And Annotations By Ambrose Bierce. A Facsimile Of The Original Typewritten Manuscript Together With An Introduction By Oscar Lewis And A Memoir Of Ambrose Bierce By Albert Bender.300 numbered copies

Lewis, Oscar Ed. Around The Horn In 49. Book Club of California (1928). The Journal Of The Harford Union Mining And Trading Company. December, 1848 To September, 1849. With An Introduction By Oscar Lewis.Limited to 250 copies and printed by the Grabhorn Press.

Jeffers, Robinson. Poems. Book Club of California (1928). 310 copies printed in red and black at the Grabhorn Press and signed by the author.With a frontispiece photographic portrait study of Jeffers by Ansel Adams, signed by Adams. Initial letters throughout the book designed by Valenti Angelo. Introduction By B.H. Lehman.

Bynner, Witter. The Persistence Of Poetry. Book Club of California (1929). 325 signed copies produced by the Windsor Press

Newton, A Edward. Mr Strahans Dinner Party. Book Club of California (1930). A Comedy In One Act With Prologue And Epilogue.335 numbered copies signed by Newton on the limitation page. Facing full page frontispiece etchings of Benjamin Franklin and Samuel Johnson by William Wilkie

Blake, William . The Book Of Thel.. Book Club of California (1930). Illustrated by Julian Links. 300 copies printed by Cecil and James Johnson at the Windsor Press.

Bullen, Henry Lewis. The Nuremberg Chronicle. Book Club of California (1930). Or, The Book Of Chronicles From The Beginning Of The World, The Most Famous Of German Picture Books. 300 copies with facsimiles of the frontispiece, title lines & woodcuts from the original Latin edition, which was printed by Anthony Koberger in Nuremberg in 1493.

Venner, To. A Brief And Accurate Treatise Of Tobacco.. Book Club of California (1931). In Which, The Immoderate, Irregular, & Unseasonable Use Thereof Is Reprehended, And The True Nature And Best Manner Of Using It, Perspicuously Demonstrated.200 copies, printed by the Windsor Press.

Powell, H.M.T. The Santa Fetrail To California 1849-1852. Book Club of California (1931). The Journal And Drawings Of H.M.T. Powell.300 copies printed by the Grabhorn Press; Edited By Douglas S. Watson

Stoddard, Charles. Charles Warren Stoddard’s Diary Of A Visit To Molokai In 1884. Book Club of California (1933). With A Letter From Father Damien To His Brother In 1873. 250 copies printed by the Grabhorn Press.

Hall, Carroll. Bierce And The Poe Hoax. Book Club of California (1934). With An Introduction By Carey Mcwilliams. 250 copies printed by John Henry Nash.

The Letters Of Western Authors.. Book Club of California (1935). A series of 12 letters, reproduced in facsimile, of Pacific Coast authors: Jack London, Edward Rowland Sill, Clarence King, Samuel Clemens, Josiah Royce, Joaquin Miller, Henry George, John Muir, Richard Henry Dana, Frank Norris, Bret Harte, George Sterling; 500 copies, each printed by a separate West Coast Press

Chamisso, Adelbert Von. A Sojourn At San Francisco Bay 1816. Book Club of California (1936). 250 unnumbered copies printed by Grabhorn Press. Introduction by Oscar Lewis. Illustrated with 8 pages of colored drawings by Louis Choris.

California Literary Pamphlets. Book Club of California (1936). The complete six pamphlets in original printed wraps : 1), Over an Absinthe Bottle by W.C. Morrow printed at Grabhorn Press; 2) .Poems by Nora May French printed at Archetype Press; 3). Selection s from Prattle by Ambrose Bierce printed at the Windsor Press; 4). An Itinerant House by Emma Frances Dawson printed at the Ward Ritchie Press; 5), Afoot to Yosemite by John Muir printed at the E u calyptus Press; 6). A Night at Wingdam by Bret Hart printed at Plantin Press.

A Leaf From The 1611 King James Bible.. Book Club of California (1937). 300 copies.

Coulter, Edith M. The Drawings And Letters Of Daniel Wadsworth Coit. Book Club of California (1937). 325 copies. Printed by Grabhorn Press

Twain, Mark. Mark Twains Letter To William Bowen, Buffalo, February Sixth 1870.. Book Club of California (1938). illustrated with reproductions of four illustrations from the first edition of Tom Sawyer; Prefatory Note By Clara Clemens Gabrilowitsch. Foreword By Albert W. Gunnison.

Partridge, Eric. A Original Issue Of The Spectator. Book Club of California (1939). Together With The Story Of The Famous English Periodical And Of Its Founders, Joseph Addison & Richard Steele. 455 copies printed by The Grabhorn Press

Franklin, Benjamin. Catos Moral Distichs Reproduced From The Edition Printed In Philadelphia In 1735 By Benjamin Franklin. Book Club of California (1939). 250 copies reproduced from the edition printed in Philadelphia in 1735 by Benjamin Franklin, together with a foreward by Carl Van Doren. Printed by the Ward Ritchie Press, Los Angeles.

Lawrence, D.H. Fire And Other Poems. Book Club of California (1940). 300 copies printed by the Grabhorn Press. With a foreword by Robinson Jeffers and a note on the poems by Frieda LawrenceTitle illustration by Valenti Angelo.

Beechey, Frederick. An Account Of A Visit To California, 1826-27. Book Club of California (1941). Reprinted From A Narrative Of A Voyage To The Pacific And Beerings Strait Performed In His Majestys Ship Blossom Under The Command Of Captain F.W. Beechey. 350 copies printed by the Grabhorn Press. Introduction by Edith M. Coulter. 4 plates reproducing water colors by William Smyth, and a reproduction of a manuscript map by the author

Waseurtz, G.M. A Sojourn In California By The Kings Orphan. Book Club of California (1945). The Travels And Sketches Of G.M. Waseurtz Of Sandels, A Swedish Gentleman Who Visited California In 1842-1843.Edited with a 7 page introduction by Helen Putnam Van Sicklen. 300 copies, printed by The Grabhorn Press for The

Hall, Carroll. Heraldry Of New Helvetia. Book Club of California (1945). With Thirty-Two Cattle Brands And Ear Marks Reproduced From The Original Certificates Issued At Sutters Fort 1845 To 1848.first productions of the Allen Press, issued in an edition of 250 copies for members of The

Breen, Patrick. The Diary Of Patrick Breen. Book Club of California (1946). Recounting The Ordeal Of The Donner Party Snowbound In The Sierra 1846-47. Limited to 300 copies.Decorations by Mallette Dean

The Discovery Of Florida. Book Club of California (1946). Being A True Relation Of The Vicissitudes That Attended The Governor Don Hernando De Soto And Some Nobles Of Portugal In The Discovery Of Florida. Now Just Given By A Fidalgo Of Elvas.Introduction by George P Hammond. 280 copies printed by the Grabhorn Press Printed on French hand-made paper, in Franciscan type, set by Robert and Jane Grabhorn. With initials and decorations designed and cut by Mallette Dean.Translated By Buckingham Smith,

13 California Towns From The Original Drawings. Book Club of California (1947). Drawings from the collection of the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley, reproduced with commentary and introduction by Coulter and Bancroft. Illustrated with thirteen drawings in black and white by Henry Miller.

Roslaes, Vicente Perez. California Adventure. Book Club of California (1947). Limited edition of 250 copies printed by Taylor & Taylor, San Francisco. First English translation of the 19th Century Chilean classic, Recuerdos Del Pasado. Translated by Edwin S. Morby and Arturo Torres-Rioseco. Decorations by Albert J. Camille

Hall, Carroll. Donner Miscellany. Book Club of California (1947). 41 Diaries And Documents; 350 copies published exclusively for members of The

Tripp, C. E. Ace High The Frisco Detective. Book Club of California (1948). Or The Girl Sports Double Game A Story Of The Sierra & The Golden Gate City. Text illustrations by Mallette Dean.

Hammond, George. Letters Of The Gold Discovery. Book Club of California (1948). Limited to 750 copies. Printed by the Aucune Press, the L-D Allen Press, the Eucalyptus Press, the Greenwood Press, Ward Ritchie, the Toyon Press, the Aquarius Press, the Quercus Press, Richard J. Hoffman, and the Hart Press

Grabhorn, Robert. A Short Account Of The Life And Work Of Wynkyn De Worde. Book Club of California (1949). With A Leaf From The Golden Legend Printed By Him At The Sign Of The Sun In Fleet Street, London, The Year 1527;375 copies. Printed at the Grabhorn Press, San Francisco, August 27, 1949; Decorative initials by Zena Kavin 

Pattison, Mark. The Estiennes. Book Club of California (1949). A Biographical Essay, Illustrated With Original Leaves From Books Printed By The Three Greatest Members Of That Distinguished Family.390 copies. The volume includes three original leaves: a leaf from Egregii Patris Ricardi de Superdivina Trinitate from the printing press of Henri Estienne, Paris, 1510; a leaf from Eusebii Pamphili Evangelicae Praeparationis from the printing press of Robert Estienne, Paris, 1544; and a leaf from Dionis Cassii Romanarum Historiarum from the printing press of Henri Estienne II, Geneva, 1592.

Paul, Rodman. The Miners Own Book. Book Club of California (1949). Containing Correct Illustrations And Descriptions Of The Various Modes Of California Mining.printed by The Grabhorn Press; 500 copies

Harlow, Neal. The Maps Of San Francisco Bay From The Spanish Discovery In 1769 To The American Occupation. Book Club of California (1950). 375 copies printed by the Grabhorn Press.

Harte, Bret. San Francisco In 1866. Book Club of California (1951). 400 copies printed at the Grabhorn Press

Milvaine, William. Sketches Of Scenery And Notes Of Personal Adventure In California and Mexico. Book Club of California (1951). With A Foreword By Robert G. Cleland & Reproductions Of The Sixteen Lithographic Plates400 copies printed at the Grabhorn Press.

Stevenson, Robert Louis. La Porte De Maletroit. Book Club of California (1952). two decorative initials and other decorations by Ray Bethers; 300 copies printed by Louis and Dorothy Allen

Grabhorn, Jane. Pioneers Of The Sacramento.. Book Club of California (1953). A Group Of Letters By & About Johann Augustus Sutter, James W. Marshall & John Bidwell. With An Introduction By Jane Grabhorn. 400 copies printed at The Colt Press by the Grabhorns for the

Burgess, Gelett. Bayside Bohemia. Book Club of California (1954). Fin De Siecle San Francisco & Its Little Magazines.Limited to 375 copies, printed by the Black Vine Press.

Stevenson, Robert Louis. Silverado Journal. Book Club of California (1954). 400 copies by the Grabhorn Press

Hammond, George. On The Ambitious Projects Of Russia. Book Club of California (1955). In Regard To North West America, With Particular Reference To New Albion & New California; 350 copies

Muir, P.H. Catnachery. Book Club of California (1955). Illustrations taken from A Collection of the Books & Woodcuts of James Catnach and The History of the Catnach Press. 325 copies printed by Jack Werner Stauffacher at the Greenwood Press; 40 vignettes and woodcuts by James Catnach and 4 inserted folding leaves 

Meyers, William H. Journal Of A Cruise To California And The Sandwich Islands In The United States Sloop-Of-War Cyane. Book Club of California (1955). edited by John Haskell Kemble; 400 copies printed at the Grabhorn Press

Fahey, Herbert. Early Printing In California From Its Beginning In The Mexican Territory To Statehood. Book Club of California (1956). 400 copies printed by The Grabhorn Press; 16 collotypes by Meriden Gravure

Norris, Frank. The Letters Of Frank Norris. Book Club of California (1956). 350 copies printed by the Grabhorn Press for the Colt Press. Includes letters to Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson, Ernest Peixotto, Theodore Dreiser, and William Dean Howells.Edited by Franklin Walker.

Jeffers, Robinson. Themes In My Poems. Book Club of California (1956). 350 copies with woodcuts by Mallette Dean.

Twain, Mark. Mark Twain, San Francisco Correspondent:. Book Club of California (1957). Selections From His Letters To The Territorial Enterprise:1865-1866. Edited by Henry Nash Smith and Frederick Anderson; 400 copies, printed at The Allen Press.

Audubon, John. The Drawings Of James Woodhouse Audubon: Illustrating His Adventures Through Mexico And California, 1849-1850. Book Club of California (1957). With an Introduction and Notes on the Drawings by Carl Schaefer Dentzel. Illustrated with 34 plates by John Woodhouse Audubon. 400 copies printed by The Grabhorn Press

Magee, David. The Hundredth Book A Bibliography Of The Books Published By The Book Club Of California. Book Club of California (1958). 400 copies

Hussey, John A. The Voyage Of The Racoon.. Book Club of California (1958). A Secret Journal Of A Visit To Oregon, California And Hawaii 1813-1814; edited with introduction and notes by John A. Hussey; Drawings by Henry Rusk; 400 copies

Twain, Mark. Concerning Cats. Book Club of California (1959). 450 copies printed at the Grabhorn Press introduction by Frederick Anderson

Stern, Harold P. Figure Prints Of Old Japan. Book Club of California (1959). A Pictorial Pageant Of Actors & Courtesans Of The Eighteenth Century Reproduced From The Prints In The Collection Of Marjorie & Edwin Grabhorn. 400 copies printed at the Grabhorn Press.

Morison, Stanley. Typographic Design In Relation To Photographic Composition. Book Club of California (1959). 400 copies printed at the Black Vine Press; Introduction by John Carter

Twain, Mark. Ah Sin. Book Club of California (1961). and Bret Harte; Limited to 450 copies designed, decorated with color woodcuts, and printed by Vivien and Mallette Dean. Edited by Frederick Anderson; Includes four full-page reproductions from the original 1877 material plus 8 colored woodcut illustrations by Dean

Shumate, Albert. Early California Firehouses And Equipment. Book Club of California (1961). designed and printed by Lawton Kennedy, San Francisco

Hart, James D. My First Publication. Book Club of California (1961). Eleven California Authors Describe Their Earliest Appearances In Print; Includes: Richard Henry Dana, Mark Twain, Bret Harte, Joaquin Miller, Gertrude Atherton, Gelett Bergess, Mary Austin, Wallace Irwin, Jack London, Robinson Jeffers & William Saroyan. Limited to 475 copies printed by Adrian Wilson at the Press in Tuscany Alley. 

King, Thomas Starr. A Vacation Among The Sierras. Yosemite In 1860.. Book Club of California (1962). 400 copies printed by the Ward Ritchie Press.

Ukiyo-E The Floating World.. Book Club of California (1962). Twenty-eight full page reproductions of rare Japanese woodblock prints by seventeen great masters from the collection of Edwin and Marjorie Grabhorn. Printed at the Grabhorn Press.400 copies.

Muscatine, Charles. The Book Of Geoffrey Chaucer. Book Club of California (1963). An Account Of The Publication Of Geoffrey Chaucers Works From The Fifteenth Centruy To Modern Times; 450 copies designed and printed by Lawton Kennedy

Lewis, Oscar. The Wonderful City Of Carrie Van Wie. Book Club of California (1963). Paintings Of San Francisco At The Turn Of The Century; Text By Oscar Lewis; 525 copies printed by the Grabhorn Press. With tweny-one color reproductions of paintings by Carrie van Wie.

Becker, Robert H. Disenos Of California Ranchos. Maps Of Thirty-Seven Land Grants (1822-1846). Book Club of California (1964). 400 copies printed by The Grabhorn Press

Fremont, John Charles. Geographical Memoir Upon Upper California In Illustration Of His Map Of Oregon And California.. Book Club of California (1964). 425 copies designed by Jack Werner Stauffacher

Leconte, Carrie E. Yo Semite 1878. Book Club of California (1964). Adventures Of N & C. Journal And Drawings By Carrie E. Leconte. Introduction To C By Susanna B. Dakin.450 copies designed and printed by Mallette Dean.

Second Reading. Selections From The Quarterly News-Letter. 1933-1963.. Book Club of California (1965). 425 copies printed by the Plantin Press.

Utamaro, Kitagawa. Twelve Woodblock Prints Of Kitagawa Utamaro. Book Club of California (1965). Illustrating The Process Of Silk Culture, With An Introductory Essay By Jack Hillier, Reproduced In Facsimile From The Originals In The Collection Of Edwin & Irma Grabhorn.Limited to 450 copies printed by The Grabhorn Press

The Great Polyglot Bibles. Book Club of California (1966). Including A Leaf From The First: The Complutensian Of Acala, 1514-17.400 copies

Hart, James D. The Private Press Ventures Of Samuel Lloyd Osbourne And R. L. S.. Book Club of California (1966). 500 copies printed by Lawton Kennedy.

Johnson, Kenneth M. The Sting Of The Wasp.. Book Club of California (1967). Political & Satirical Cartoons From The Truculent Early San Francisco Weekly, With An Introduction & Comments By Kenneth M. Johnson.450 copies printed by Saul and Lillian marks at the Plantin Press.

Burgess, Gelett. Behind The Scenes. Glimpses Of Fin De Siecle San Francisco.. Book Club of California (1968). With Commentaries By Joseph M. Backus. decorations by Shirley Barker. 400 copies

Booth, Stephen. The Book Called Holinsheds Chronicles. Book Club of California (1968). An Account Of Its Inception, Purpose, Contributors, Contents, Publication, Revision And Influence On William Shakespeare. With A Leaf From The 1587 Edition.500 copies printed by Adrian Wilson.

Becker, Robert. Designs On The Land : Disenos Of California Ranchos. Book Club of California (1969). Edition limited to 500 copies, printed by Robert Grabhorn and Andrew Hoyem.

Meyers, William H. Sketches Of California And Hawaii. Book Club of California (1970). By William H. Meyers Gunner, U.S.N. Aboard The United States Sloop-Of-War Cyane 1842-1843.Printed by the Grabhorn-Hoyem Press; 450 copies; edited and with an introduction and commentary by John Haskell Kemble

Jackson, Helen Hunt. Ah-Wah-Ne Days. Book Club of California (1971). A Visit To Yosemite Valley In 1872; 475 copies

Littlejohn, David. Dr Johnson And Noah Webster. Book Club of California (1971). Two Men And Their Dictionaries (With A Matching Set Of Original Leaves); 500 copiesIllustrated with a matched pair of original leaves from A Dictionary of the English Language by Samuel John, A.M. (1755) and An American Dictionary of the English Language by Noah Webster, LL.D. (1828). printed by Grabhorn-Hoyem for the

Leighly, John. California As An Island. Book Club of California (1972). An Illustrated Essay By John Leighly With Twenty-Five Plates & A Bibliographical Checklist Of Maps Showing California As An Island 1622-1785450 copies printed by at the press of Robert Grabhorn and Andrew Hoyem.

Cobden-Sanderson, T J. Four Lectures By T.J. Cobden-Sanderson.. Book Club of California (1974). Edited, with an Introductory Essay on Cobden-Sandersons Life and Ideals, with Details of his American Pupils, and his Lectures in the United States in 1907. 450 copies printed by Saul and Lillian Marks at the Plantin Press.The lectures include: Bookbinding (1888); The Social Problem is in the Main an Artistic Problem (1888); Address on Taking the Chair at the Bookbinders Pension and Asylum Society (1889); and an Introduction to a Lecture by William Morris (1895)

Van Nostrand, Jeanne. San Francisco, 1806-1906 In Contemporary Paintings, Drawings And Watercolors.. Book Club of California (1975). 500 copies printed by Lawton and Alfred Kennedy. With a preface by Warren R. Howell, and an introduction by Joseph Baird, Jr. The illustrations are after noted artists such as Von Langsdorff, Choris, Vioget, Arriola, Nahl, Tofft, etc.

Leighton, Clare. Growing New Roots. Book Club of California (1976). 500 copies, numbered and SIGNED BY LEIGHTON. Includes a bibliography of works by Leighton and of books illustrated by her; 14 wood engravings

Dillon, Richard H. Images Of Chinatown. Book Club of California (1976). A collection of the photography of Louis Stelman with text by Richard Dillon. Signed by Dillon.

Dillon, Richard. Images Of Chinatown. Louis J. Stellmans Chinatown Photographs. Book Club of California (1976). Limited to 450 copies printed by Adrian Wilson

Englund, Anne. Valenti Angelo: Author Illustrator Printer. Book Club of California (1976). Author Illustrator Printer ;Contributions by Oscar Lewis, Robert Grabhorn, Valenti Angelo and others. Signed by Angelo, who designed the title page and the decorations throughout the book, and added colors and gold by hand. 400 copies.

Bliss, Carey S. A Leaf From The 1583 Rembert Dodens Herbal Printed By Christopher Plantin,. Book Club of California (1977). With A Short Essay By Carey S Bliss; 385 copies printed by Grant Dahlstrom for the

Steinbeck, John. Letters To Elizabeth. Book Club of California (1978). A Selection Of Letters From John Steinbeck To Elizabeth Otis.Edited by Florian J. Shasky and Susan F. Riggs, With an Introduction by Carlton A. Sheffield. 500 copies printed at the Plantin Press in Los Angeles.

Franklin, Colin. Themes In Aquatint. Book Club of California (1978). Limited to 500 unnumbered copies; printed at Cambridge University Press with colour plates printed at the Curwen Press, London; Typographical design by John Dreyfus.

Haraszthy, Arpad. Wine-Making In California.. Book Club of California (1978). 600 copies designed and printed by Lawton Kennedy; Intro. by Ruth Teiser and Catherine Harroun

Farmer, David. A Trumpet Of Our Own. Book Club of California (1981). And Rennard Strickland; Yellow Birds Essays On The North American Indian Selections From The Writings Of The Noted Cherokee Author, John Rollin Ridge650 copies printed

Wentz, Roby. The Grabhorn Press- A Biography. Book Club of California (1981). Biographical information about Edwin, Robert and Jane Grabhorn, 750 copies printed at The Grace Hoper Press in Aptos, California

Van Nostrand, Jeanne. Edward Vischers Drawings Of The California Missions 1861-1878. Book Club of California (1982). 600 copies printed by the Arion Press. With a biography of the artist Jeanne Van Nostrand. Introduction by Thomas Albright; 44 color plates (including frontispiece) and others from Vischers drawings

Landacre, Paul. Paul Lanacre. Book Club of California (1982). Written and designed by Ward Ritchie. Including a List of Prints engraved by the artist. 650 copies decorated with wood engravings by the artist.17 Paul Lanacre wood engravings

Palmquist, Peter. Redwood And Lumbering In California Forests.. Book Club of California (1983). 600 copies printed by the Yolla Bolly Press; Edited, with an account of its publication in 1884, by Peter E. Palmquist

Borden, John W . Thomas Berwick and The Fables Of Aesop. Book Club of California (1983). And Krueger, Janet S. 518 copies printed by the Greenwood Press.with a tipped in single leaf from the first edition of the Bewick-illustrated Fables of 1818: The Raven and the Serpent or The Bald Knight.Biographical Sketch by John W. Borden and History of the Fables by Janet S. Krueger. Designed by Jack Stauffacher of The Greenwood Press

Harlan, Robert D. William Doxeys San Francisco Publishing Venture, At The Sign Of The Lark. Book Club of California (1983). 550 copies. Designed and printed by Harold Berliner

Mathes, W. Michael. Mexico On Stone. Book Club of California (1984). Lithography In Mexico, 1826-1900. Limited to 550 copies printed by the Artichoke Press.

Allen, Louis. Allen Press Bibliography. Book Club of California (1985). A Facsimile With Original Leaves And Additions To Date Including A Checklist Of EphemeraProduced By Hand With Art Work, Sample Pages From Previous Editions; 750 copies; 66 line drawings and wood engravings by various artists. Includes 10 inserted leaves from Allen Press books.

Norris, Frank. Collected Letters.. Book Club of California (1986). Compiled And Annotated By Jesse S. Crisler.500 copies printed by William Henry Powers and Wesley B. Tanner. Compiled and Annotated by Jesse S. Crisler.

Beach, Joseph Perkins. The Log Of Apollo.. Book Club of California (1986). Journal Of The Voyage Of The Ship Apollo From New York To San Francisco.Edited and Annotated by James P. Delgado. 550 copies printed at the Arion Press

Schmied, Francois - Louis. Art Deco The Books Of Francois - Louis Schmied. Book Club of California (1987). Artist/Engraver/Printer, With Recollections And Descriptive Commentaries On The Books By Ward Ritchie With A Preface By Lawrence Clark PowellDesigned by Ward Ritchie, 550 copies printed

Dillon, Richard H. Texas Argonauts Isaac Duval And The California Gold Rush. Book Club of California (1987). 450 copies printed by the Wind River Press; David Holman design, printed at Wind River Press in Austin, map frontispiece portrait of Duval and 13 color plates by Shaw;

Allyn, Joseph Pratt. By Horse, Stage and Packet. Book Club of California (1988). Subtitle: The Far West Letters of Joseph Pratt Allyn. Edited by John Nicholson and David K. Strate. Limited to 450 copies only. Edited by John Nicolson and David K. Strate.

Splatt, Cynthia. Isadora Duncan and Gordon Craig.. Book Club of California (1988). The Prose & Poetry Of Action.450 copies by W. Thomas Taylor.

Teiser, Ruth. Lawton Kennedy, Printer. Book Club of California (1988). 450 copies by Jonathan Clark Artichoke Press, published by the Book Club of Califonia; sample title pages designed by Kennedy interspersed

Jeffers, Una. A Book Of Gaelic Airs For Unas Melodeon. Book Club of California (1989). Introduction by Dave Oliphant. illustrations by Robinson Jeffers; containing Irish folk tunes and material collected by Una Jeffers from 1922 to 1925; 500 copies, designed by Ward Ritchie and bound by Bela Blau.

Ford, Henry Chapman. An Artist Records The California Missions. Book Club of California (1989). Edited with an introduction by Norman Neuerburg; 450 copies designed & printed by Patrick Reagh

Dreyfus, John. A Typographical Masterpiece.. Book Club of California (1990). An Account . . . Of Eric Gills Collaboration With Robert Gibbings In Producing The Golden Cockerel Press Edition Of The Four Gospels In 1931.450 copies printed at Meriden Stinehour Press.woodcuts by Gill

Turner, Decherd. The Rhemes New Testament.. Book Club of California (1990). Being A Full And Particular Account Of The Origins, Printing, And Subsequent Influences Of The First Roman Catholic New Testament In English Accompanied By A Leaf From The Original Edition, And Other Profitable Illustrations.Printed by W. Thomas Taylor (of Austin); book is also known as the Douai Bible, originally published in 1582, this was the first Roman Catholic New Testament in English, 395 copies,

Forbes, David W. A Pictorial Tour Of Hawaii 1850-1852. Book Club of California (1991). Watercolors, Paintings, & Drawings. By James Gay Sawkins. With An Account Of His Life & Travels By David W. Forbes. Foreword By Richard H. Dillon.400 copies by Greenwood Press

Larson, Roger Keith. Controversial James. Book Club of California (1991). An Essay On The Life And Work Of George Wharton James.400 copies printed at the Yolla Bolly Press, signed by the author.

Everson, William. On Printing. Book Club of California (1992). 400 unnumbered original copies edited by Peter Rutledge Koch, bound by Klaus-ullrich Rotzscheranthology of seven written pieces on printing by william everson

Kurutz, Gary F. On A Bibliography Of California And The Pacific West,. Book Club of California (1993). 1510-1906, By Robert E. Cowan; With An Original Leaf From The Clubs 1914 First Edition.390 copies printed by the Anchor & Acorn Pressdesigned by Lewis Allen of the Allen Press

Harlan, Robert D. The Two Hundredth (200th) Book. Book Club of California (1993). A Bibliography Of The Books Published By The Book Club Of California 1958 - 1993; Limited to 500 copies, printed by Mastercraft Press & bound by Cardoza-James, both of San Francisco

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