Annotated Reference Guide to Collectible Books


Wieners, John. The Hotel Wentley Poems. Auerhahn (1958). Drawing by Robert LaVigne

Lamantia, Philip. Ekstasis. Auerhahn (1959).

McClure, Michael. Hymns to St Geryon. Auerhahn (1959). And Other Poems

Lamantia, Philip and Antonin Artaud. Narcotica. Auerhahn (1959).

Whalen, Philip. Self-Portrait From Another Direction. Auerhahn (1959).

Whalen, Philip. Memoirs of an Interglacial Age. Auerhahn (1960). Sketch by Robert LaVigne

Burroughs, William and Brion Gysin. The Exterminator. Auerhahn (1960).

Welch, Lew. Wobbly Rock. Auerhahn (1960).

McClure, Michael. Dark Brown. Auerhahn (1961).

Reps, Paul. Gold / Fish Signatures. Auerhahn (1961). Poems; Artwork by Reps

Olson, Charles. Maximus from Dogtown. Auerhahn (1961).

Lamantia, Philip. Destroyed Works. Auerhahn (1962). Hypodermic Light; Mantic Notebook; Still Poems; Spansule

Williams, Jonathan. In England's Green. Auerhahn (1962). A Garland and a Clyster. Drawing by Philip Van Aver.

Spicer, Jack. The Heads of the Town Up to the Aether. Auerhahn (1962). Lithographs by Fran Herndon

Blaser, Robins. Apparitors. Auerhahn (1963). Broadside. Artwork by Fran Herndon

Levertov, Denise. City Psalm. Auerhahn (1964).

Whalen, Philip. Goddess. Auerhahn (1964).

Deemer, Bill. Poems. Auerhahn (1964).

Everson, William. The Poet is Dead. Auerhahn (1964). A Memorial to Robinson Jeffers

Olson, Charles. Human Universe. Auerhahn (1965). And Other Essays; Robert LaVigne woodcut

Van Buskirk, Alden. Lami. Auerhahn (1965).